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Integrate an AI-based GPS & Mobile Attendance App to Monitor and Manage Employee Presence Well

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Reliable GPS Tracker Integrated Attendance App

Overcome the problems of tracking your employees through our efficiently designed location-based attendance application. The attendance application helps you track your employees and measure their attendance to introduce the importance of a good performance process and help manage resources. Receive features supporting geofencing and real-time tracking which delivers guaranteed attendance monitoring of your workforce.


What we deliver with Employee Tracker App

Maintain records of punch timing along with the location data of respective employees to ensure the effective time utilization and avoid any kind of time thefts. With the implementation of employee tracker app can track workforce who are working in the office as well who are field workers, get their punch timings, punch location, route tracking easily within a single window.

Increase Productivity

Increase transparency of working scenarios with real time location tracking which allows managers to give instructions for taking out productive work from employees.

Real Time Location

Get the current location and route details of your employees on fields or are on business trips to guide them for better working and improved efficiency.

Offline Geo Punch

Our employee attendance tracker application tracks the location of your employees even if their desired devices are out of internet service ensuring you get the location data even in the worse environments.


We provide you with assistance regarding each and every functionality of our attendance app for better understanding and hassle-free processing.

Auto Punching in Office

With location based punching you can virtually fence all your office premises to enable auto punching with your employees mobile devices along with respective locations.

Multi Platform

We have made our application to support any kind of mobile devices on platforms like Android and iOS so that you can install it on any mobile devices, or tablets of any brands.


What to expect from factoHR’s Mobile Attendance App Solution ?

FactoHR’s Mobile Attendance App solution is robust and efficient and designed for all types of industries. Your company can manage employees attendance, payroll cycle & performance analysis from FactoHR’s centralized cloud-based attendance app which is 24 X 7 accessible and scalable.

Following listed are some key features by which you can easily manage your HR tasks:




App Drawer

App Drawer








Subordinate Approval

Subordinate Approval


Attendance Punch

Attendance Punch


Attendance Regularization

Attendance Regularization


Attendance Calendar

Attendance Calendar


Time-sheet Entry

Time-sheet Entry








Expense Management

Expense Management


Plug Me

Plug Me


IT Declaration

IT Declaration





Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds


Why to go for FactoHR’s GPS & Mobile Attendance Application?

Our solution will help you in getting the most out of your investment by tracking employees working in the field, route planning for business trip, Geo fencing your offices for better automated attendance application and avoiding any fraud time punch and thus increases the potential of getting productive work from all your resources.



Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easily login into your account through our mobile application’s SSO for single email & password for multiple sign in platforms.

Forgot Password

Recover your password through forgot password option when you don’t remember it.

Two factor Authentication

Only authentic users gets to login to application by our 2 secured authentication factors.

Login with Email

You can also log in by using your email id in our mobile attendance application.

Change Password

You are allowed to change the password by which you used to log in.


App Drawer

My Profile

See and customize your profile from our my-profile section in the app drawer.

Chat Support

Continuously get support through our chat-bot for any questions.

Profile Picture

Observe and customize your profile picture from our mobile panel.


Enlist multiple companies in your profile to see your connections towards the same.


Get important notification from the company and read in our app.

Sign Out

Easy sign out option available right at the bottom of the drawer.



Salary History in Bar-chart

Get your salary displayed in the visual representation of a bar chart.

Download Payslip

See and download your payslip through our mobile app.

Check YTD details

Get yearly and monthly range specified payslips.

Download IT Statement

Download IT Statement to view your tax details.

Check Loan Details

Check loan details and information from our mobile app and review the same.



Check Leave Balance

Check your leave balance and take the leave as per your leave balance.

Apply For Leave

Application for leave to get leave on the date you wish.

Leave Application

View your leave applications which are applied by you.

Application with Attachment

Attach any kind of file with leave application and send it through our leave management system.

Cancel or Delete Leave

Cancel or delete your leave application from mobile app.


Subordinate Approval

Approve/Reject Leave

Approve or reject leave application of your employees under you.

Approve/Reject Travel Application

Approve or reject travel application of subordinate workers.

Approve/Reject Expense Claim

Approve or reject expense claims of working personnel beside you.

Download Expense Proof

Download the expense proof submitted by the applier.

Download Attachments

Download the attachment from mobile app and view the document.


Attendance Punch


Punch in and punch out your present with our mobile app.


Auto punch attendance by coming in Geo fencing by your mobile app.

Attendance History

View your attendance history in mobile and take out mistakes from it.

Offline Punch

Offline punch your attendance from mobile application when the internet is off.

Comments on punch

Add comments to inform regarding your punch done by you in the office mean time.


Attendance Regularization

Apply for Attendance Correction

Apply for attendance correction for all the wrong entries done in your account.

Check Application Status

Check status of your attendance application and do actions accordingly.

Attendance Calendar

View attendance calendar in your application and work accordingly.

Register Overtime

Register the over time which you have done on a day from your profile.

Early Going or Late coming

Set time of early going or late coming in your cell phone to inform the HR.


Attendance Calendar

Calendar With Color Marking

View dates with various color marking for various events like week off, holiday, half day, 1/4 Day etc..

List of Absent / Miss punch

Get list of absent and miss punch from our Attendance mobile application.

List of Holiday & Week-offs

Get a nice list of holidays & week offs with no efforts from our application.

Attendance Correction

Make changes in attendance correction from your favourite device.

Check History of Attendance

Get information of past in attendance right into your device efficiently.


Time-sheet Entry

Track Employee Task

Track the task of the employee in time sheet entry which has time for work done.

Calculate Amount

Calculate amount according to the work done by you and get salary amount.

Dynamic Fields

We provide dynamic fields in time sheet entry for your easiness of data input.

Production Count

Count the production which is done by your employees easily in our application.

Submit For Approval

Efficiently submit the entry of your time sheet to approval of the same.




Get your application done easily for repayment of reimbursement.

Calculate Eligibility

With no effort calculate your eligibility of reimbursement cost.

Claim Type

Define the type of claim you would like to do to your company.

Reimbursement from Client

Get reimbursement from your clients in direct contact into your payment.


Make easy attachment of documents to your application in mobile.

Track Application

Track application directly from your device to know the situation.




Application for traveling on business trip of your company and track the application.

Request Advance

Request advance for travelling to places in the business trip of your company.

Options As per Eligibility

Get traveling options as per their eligibility of many factors which are considered in mobile app.

Prepare Itinerary

Prepare an itinerary for travelling according to the defined plan and visits clients.

Submit For Approval

Submit all the information to further personnel in the office and track the same.


Expense Management


Apply for all the expenses you have done on your business trip.

Expense Against Travel

File all the expenses you have done on travelling in company’s business trip.

Daily Allowance

Manage all the daily allowance which is provided by your company.


File all the lodging related details and expenses with our expense management software.


File all the miscellaneous expenses which you have incurred during business trip.


Plug Me

Share Documents with Employee

Upload & share all the documents with employees through plug me facility provided in our mobile app.

Directory Base Structure

View in the directory base structure all the files and folders which are accessible to employees.

Download Documents

Download all the documents which are uploaded into plug me by employees.

Personal Files

Upload and download your personal files from plug me feature of our payroll mobile app.

Common Files

Upload common files to be accessible by all employees when they need it in payroll mobile app.


IT Declaration

Declare Amount

Declare all the amount and assets which you have financially in the application.

Submit Proof

Submit the income tax proof to the mobile application for filing the same.

Proof Amount

Specify the amount of income tax in proof for the authority to see it.

Month-wise Input for HRA

Get your monthly input for HRA easily through our mobile application.

HRA Land Lord Detail

Input all the landlord detail regarding HRA into our attendance application for transparency.



Daily Tracking

Daily tracking of employees location for better visibility through GPS.

Route Mapping

Easy mapping the route of employees through mobile application for betterment and low time consumption.

Tracking History

Check the history of the visited places by your worker through history log in mobile app.


Comments to Geo-Tracking to get more details of places and routes for employees.

Point Marking

Mark down the points of the place of source and destination for better route finding.


Mutual Funds

Scheme Details

Get all the scheme related details of the mutual funds in the mobile application to do a better investment.

Invest in ELSS

Save tax while investing in ELSS funds to get an efficient tax saving profile.

Portfolio Management

Manage all your portfolio in a single application and take beneficial decision.

Goal-Based Investing

Set your goal according to a fix time or year and invest accordingly to meet that goal.


Provide a better education regarding mutual fund investment and how to do a better investment.

Our Unique Offerings For Employee Tracker Application

Awesome features to make your organization more efficient with employe tracker application

AI Powered Chatbot

Our belief in making a user-friendly solution led us to the implementation of AI Powered Chatbot through which an employee can carry out HR related tasks like downloading of payslips, applying attendance & tracking the same, checking leave balance and many more.

Attendance with Geo-Fence

Auto punching through your employee’s location enables devices while they enter your predefined geofence area is a unique feature provided by us to effectively track all your workforce’s attendance with respect to location.

Track Field Staff

Efficiently monitor your staff working on the field by tracking them in live time through their GPS enabled devices. Geo tracking is the feature which will let you take more productive steps in developing your organization.

FAQs for Mobile Attendance App

What does your mobile attendance app solution provide?

factoHR’s mobile app provides you unique tools like:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Offline geo-punch
  • Chatbots
  • Auto punching in office

The employees can view their profile, receive chat support, receive notifications for updates about their applications, and manage their documents.

To know more about the unique features of this app, contact sales@factohr.com

Can my employees apply for attendance regularization in case of miss punch?

Your employees can apply for attendance regularization through the phone app if they have punched their attendance incorrectly. The app allows them to review the status of their regularization application. The app acts like their attendance calendar.

What other applications can my employees make through your mobile app?

Using factoHR’s mobile attendance app, your employees can submit the applications regarding:

  • Late coming
  • Early going
  • Overtime worked
  • Leaves
  • Attendance regularization
  • Reimbursements
  • Business travel

You can schedule a demo at https://factohr.com/schedule-demo/ to experience the functionality of this app.

Can I use your mobile app to declare my income tax?

Using factoHR’s attendance app, you can declare the value of assets that you own. You can submit the income tax proof to assist in filing the income tax. The app allows you to specify the amount of income tax and gives you a document of proof for the authorities to verify. You can also get your monthly input for HRA easily and input all the HRA details using this app to maintain transparency.

What is a selfie punch?

In this era, where you may catch the virus through mere touch, it is unsafe for your employees’ health to go around touching the biometric attendance machines. This is when the selfie punch feature comes in. Your employees can punch in the attendance by clicking a selfie from their cell phone and tagging their location at the same time. This ensures that there are little to no cases of attendance or identity theft and reduces fraud in the context of attendance.

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