Attendance Tracking System For Absolute And Real-time Employee Monitoring

Monitor your employees’ presence and absence in real-time with an attendance tracking system that enables advanced tools for the new-normal work culture

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Attendance Punch With Selfie

Implement a safer and hygienic attendance tracking system with factoHR for the new normal workplace situation. Selfie with punch reduces the use of a touch-based attendance tracking system while allowing your employees to mark their attendance along with location and selfie tags for authentication. The system becomes more helpful for tracking employees’ attendance while working from home or any other location.

Facial Recognition

factoHR also comes with an enhanced attendance tracker with facial recognition. The AI-based system allows employees to mark their attendance by facial recognition, along with the auto-punch option. With the liveliness detection and anti-spoofing technique, you can also reduce attendance thefts, as the system will not consider any photographs or false faces.

Allow Attendance Punch From Anywhere

Offering every aspect of attendance tracking, you can choose the best suitable method for you and allow your workforce to mark attendance from a remote location considering the situation of COVID-19. You can also configure the system with attendance application approvals.


Set up virtual boundaries around a particular confined location. As soon as employees enter the boundary, the attendance tracking system activates and allows employees to mark their attendance. The feature also comes in handy if your employees are constantly traveling or visiting other business locations.

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Shift Management

Creating and managing shifts, especially for a huge workforce, can sometimes be troublesome and hard to follow. factoHR reduces this pain and offers you an intuitive platform to configure complex shifts along with 24*7 roster planning.

Flexible Policy Settings

factoHR gives you a platform to design a policy flexible with all the aspects of attendance tracking, leave management, missed punch application, and integration with different attendance capture methods. For different work times of different departments, you can also build multiple policies and assign the same to a selective group of employees.

Attendance/Leave Calendar

Offer your employees a calendar that helps them track their workday status (half-day or full-day), leaves, week offs, and holidays. This helps them identify their missed punches and schedule their leaves.

Biometric Integration

Integrate biometric devices you are using in your organization with the factoHR’s attendance tracker and configure the system to sync the attendance punches. All the data can directly be stored in the centralized system without any manual procedure.

Ready-to-download Reports

Generate statistical reports of every type giving you real-time insights into your employees’ attendance and leave data in different document formats. Check reports for various departments or individual employees without any hassles. It is easy to filter the reports based on various categories.

Attendance Tracking System For A Secured And Simplified Management

factoHR’s mobile-driven and cloud-based attendance tracking system manages you to monitor employees’ attendance in every aspect of tracking along with creating secured and hygienic workflows for modern needs.

Legal Compliance

Setting up a complaint system is challenging, but not with factoHR anymore. Configure the system at the beginning and ensure compliance at every stage of the HR processes.

Increased Accuracy

factoHR’s attendance tracker reduces the manual errors while handling the employees’ data with a completed automated and integrated platform.

Mobile-driven System

factoHR introduces a completely new way to handle employee attendance tracking through the mobile attendance application that offers other advanced features and enables mobility.

Third-party Integration

Our cloud-based system allows you to integrate and manage as many third-party biometric devices for your organization’s attendance capturing.

Increased Transparency

factoHR’s employee-centric approach develops a transparent platform allowing employees to access to mark and regularize their attendance and download other reports from the system.

Reduced Time-consumption

Transform your manual attendance process and save enough time while reducing the troubles of capturing and storing attendance information.

Regularize your employees’ attendance with factoHR today

Meet every aspect of the modern attendance tracking system with factoHR and make your workforce more productive and punctual.
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