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Get an Efficient Attendance Management System to Monitor Your Employees’ Growth and Ensure Productivity of Each with Expert Monitoring.


attendance system

Attendance System for smart monitoring

With FactoHR all type of organization can now easily manage their employees attendance through our centralized attendance system. which can automate all their attendance keeping tasks.


What do we offer?

FactoHR lets you manage all your attendance through modern technologies like biometrics, mobile & GPS which enables you to track your employees’ attendance in real time. With centralized attendance management system, you are allowed to integrate it to other modules for generating a perfect payroll as per attendance of the respective employee.

One Stop Solution

With FactoHR’s one-stop attendance management system solution, you can monitor the presence of your employees in real time for all your working locations.

Massive Integration Options

Increase your scope of operations through integrating modules like payroll and leave with our attendance management software for efficiently calculating salary and other variables.

Real Time Synchronization

Live synchronization with centralized system by which you can easily view live attendance of your organization in no time.

Organization’s Punctuality Metrics

With attendance reporting, company can analyze their workforce’s punctuality in terms of their attendance and can take necessary actions and policies to improve it.

Attendance Management Software – For All Scale Business

FactoHR lets you track your employees attendance with precise time management along with following features for encouraging employees to being punctual:




Multi Shift

Multi Shift


Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy


Over Time

Over Time


Device Integration

Device Integration


Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Portal


Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing


Attendance Report

Attendance Report


Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking




Online Attendance

We brings you a very robust and easily accessible attendance software through which you can manage online, mobile or location punch.

Attendance Regularization

Employees can approach for rectification for any kind of miss attendance entry in the system and can get approved by manager.

Attendance Application

Our system features attendance application status by which employee can know their application is being approved or not.

Overtime Approval

Make your workers file an over time application for their extra work and get it approved by your manager.

Monthly Basic Attendance

Specify basic attendance for your workforce to be present for minimum number of days in a month.


Multi Shift

Manage Multi Shifts

Integrate multiple working shift of your organization for all the office location in our attendance management system for managing all your shifts.

Assign Shifts

You are allowed to assign multiple shifts to your employees for implementing rotational shifts among your workforce.

Shift Policy

With shift types like auto shift, day and night shifts, flexible or rotational shifts you can integrate different type of policies for configuring particular shift type.

Categorize Multi Shifts

In our system you can assign categories for grouping shifts as per their type for easy analysis & management.

Shift Rotation Plan (Roaster)

Create shift roaster policy for your workforce and departments to easily organize working schedules and smooth rotational shifts.


Attendance Policy

Work Schedule

Easily define department and office wise timings and policy to make your workforce punctual according to your work schedule and policy.

Late Coming, Early Going & Break Policy

Configurable system for notifying you with employees who are arriving late to offices, going early or who breached the company policy.

Auto Shift & Flexi Shift Policy

Your company can make individually configurable policy for automatic and flexible shifts of your employees.

Work Schedule Assignment

With factoHR you can assign your work schedule to your various departments, employee categories and working locations for more productivity in your company.

Integration With Travel Application

When an employee of your company is visiting clients location he can punch his attendance through integration to travel application.



OT Application

Workforce can file and track an application for overtime with details including reason and the time of OT.

OT Rounding Policy

Define policy for rounding up the overtime applied by an employee for easy calculation in payroll.

OT for Working Days

Specify particular days on which your employees should be allowed to do a overtime in their job.

Max OT Amount

Define maximum amount of overtime which can be availed by an employee for keeping their salary within your budget.

Max/Min OT Hours

Define maximum and minimum overtime hours which can be availed by an employee in his/her payroll.


Device Integration

Multi Device Integration

From your various working location integrate all the biometric devices and manage the attendance of all your employees.

Separate Device for In & Out Punching

Separately define biometric device for entry and exit point to monitor every in and out punching in your all offices.

Types of Device

FactoHR’s attendance system can integrate various types of biometric devices for scanning thumbprint, retina, face and voice.

Device Restriction

With device restriction you can bound an employee to specifically mark their attendance from an predefined device a company location.


Employee Self Service Portal

Attendance Application

File an attendance correction application through ESS portal anywhere & anytime.

Regularize Attendance

Your workforce can make correction in the attendance from mobile or web based application.

Online Punching

Punch in and punch out your attendance easily with a single click through our employee self service portal.

Attendance In-out Report

Get detailed records of your employees punching from which the managers and HR can make policy related decisions.

Attendance Calendar

A calendar view to have a glance on all your absents, holidays taken, late marking etc.. to get attendance details.


Geo Fencing

Multiple Geo-Fence

With employees mobile location you can monitor attendance through Geo-fencing all your office location.

Fence Type

Accurately cover your geographical location of office premises through our fencing types like circle and polygon.


Our system stores attendance information on a centralized server through which access can be given to managers and other authorities.

24X7 Uptime

Capture attendance of your employees through GPS based geo fencing system to monitor presence of your staff 24X7.

Assign Geo-Fence to Employee

Implement location based punching through mobile devices to any employee or department.

Punch from Mobile Device

Supporting Android and iOS devices through which you can integrate Geo-fencing to many of your employees device.

Auto Detect Fence

With precise location enhancement, you can trigger punching of an employees attendance as soon as he steps in your workplace boundaries.


Attendance Report

In-Out Report

For any employees or department get attendance report along with in and out time.

Overtime Report

Get overtime report of an employee for any month or specific period of time.

Attendance Summary

Generate attendance summary for a particular employee or department for specified month or days.

Detailed Attendance Report

Determine presence punctuality for any of your particular employee to take necessary actions.

Late Coming & Early Going Report

For all of your employees staff generate a report for early going and late coming employees to re-frame policies and make necessary decision.


Geo Tracking

Track Location

Track live location at a specified timely interval of your field workers through their mobile devices making it a better workforce management tool.

Daily Tracking

Track your workforce’s daily route of every client visits and thus provide necessary pre-planned or live directions for betterment of the visit.

Auto start & End-Tracking

Monitor each and every employee’s location for a predefined schedule to automatically enable and disable location tracking as per the specified time.

Create Route

Create source and destination path visible to you and your employees for efficient client visit.

Tracking Report

Get scheduled travelling report of your field employees to manage their business trips and verify through live location.

Our Unique Features

Facilitating your organization with advance technologies like:



AI Powered Chatbot

We feature our application with AI-based assistant which will help you with all your queries regarding downloading of payslips, applying attendance & tracking the same, checking leave balance and other HR tasks in real time answering.


Smart Receipts

Smart receipts help you capture and store bills in digital format and will automatically fill the data captured while filling for reimbursements.


Attendance with Geo-Fence

Enable recoding your employee’s attendance in respect to location or office premises they punch in or out through our geo fencing feature which will work in your pre defined geographical area for tracking the punching of each and every employee efficiently.


Track Field Staff

Co ordinate the route and task strategy with your field employees by live tracking them through our geo tracking feature which helps ultimately help you in getting the most out your employees business trips.

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