Onboarding Process

5 Advantages of implementing an Onboarding Software

What is onboarding?

The process by which your new hires get integrated into your organization/company is called “Onboarding”. Nowadays workplace changes faster, require innovations and does not wait for anyone. So, if you want to beat your competitor then, provide your new hires with the tools, education, training, and information about the products/company on which they need to work on the right from their joining time.

A comprehensive onboarding process is the best way to provide all such required information. Onboarding process is a simple task which includes hand over of papers, orientation program, signing and returning of documents. By doing all those processes eventually, a new employee becomes the part of the team.

To make new employee comfortable in all aspects and make them adjustable to social and performance level at their new job is also a part of onboarding. The whole process of onboarding makes new hires knowledgeable, skilful and build up the behaviour & attitude required to function effectively at organization/company.

Integrated Onboarding software improves the likeliness of new employees and ensures that they end up being happy and satisfied employees of the company.

Benefits of onboarding

A structured onboarding program helps you in the following way:

1. Engage Employees early on and build connections:

The core values and the culture differ as company changes, but without considering those differences, the output matters most is engagement among employees. Particularly engagement after joining the company will matter a lot, as new employee passes through an onboarding process will go a long way towards encouragement and retaining it in future. The most engaged employee will have strong connections with their colleague and managers. Providing them with a buddy or mentor will help them to build connections and they can consider their mentors as resources which helps them during their first 30 days.

2. Attract and sustain top talent:

According to the survey, it was found that 59% of the HR professionals think that the coming few years will bring a significant battle to retain talents and performance of the employees. While it’s easy to match the salaries, but it’s hard to deliver the non-material elements like rapport with heads and company culture where employees generally stick. With an excellent onboarding program, you can create an amazing culture which encourages employees that helps to retain the top talent.

3. Encourage open communication:

Generally, when anyone starts a new job, it becomes difficult for them to share their concerns regarding their new job roles. An organized onboarding program will provide them with a structure for their new job roles and can solve their queries without any hesitation. Providing such a structured on-boarding encourage employees in creating an environment of open communication.

4. Build trust and alignment:

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In the structured onboarding program, new employees will meet the senior or heads. During this time new hires can get the information about the company goals and initiatives taken by their heads in fulfilling the goals, which in turn build the trust among all the employees.

5. Increase business growth and decrease employee turnover:

An organized onboarding program can engage the employees right from their starting, encourage them for open communication, creates a comfortable culture and also build trust with their colleague and seniors. This process can increase the business growth along with the satisfaction of employees over the company which decreases the employee turnover.

Onboard your employees through factoHR.

Onboarding Software in India

Great hires can elevate a brand and drive a business to new levels of productivity and growth. Mobile functionality has become a basic necessity and expectation for onboarding.  Some employees may also use their mobiles to avail the benefit of onboarding. factoHR provides a mobile app with one of a feature called “Plug Me” where employees can download their necessary documents. It also provides you with the following features which can be helpful to you while onboarding your employees.

Create Letters/Forms/Memos:

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To crate bulk HR letters, you need to upload the template related to offering letter, confirmation letter, appointment letter, appraisal letter, relieving letter, etc. You can download forms related to PF, ESIC, PT, and bonus. You can also create memos. You can also send these letters, forms, memos via email to the employees.


Managing Documents:

You no longer have to manage documents as it can be stored in the software. You can upload Aadhar card, PAN card, Visa, Passports, Degree certificate, etc. directly in the software. An alert message is sent to HR as well as an employee at the time of expiration of any documents.



Managing Assets:

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Get the status of your assets easily through our software where a report is generated regarding the assets assigned to your employees. This facility is helpful even when the employees left their job as notification will be sent to HR regarding the assets an employee holds.


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