Leave Management System

What are the advantages of leave management system?

One of the most challenging and time-consuming processes for any Owner/ Entrepreneur or HR person would be effectively managing employee leave which includes maintaining leave applications, counting avail and pending leaves, leave accruals and many more things. It becomes tedious as the organization grows and people try to manage everything with the excel. Sometimes it goes out of control and becomes the sole reason for low employee engagement.

Maintaining leave manually or in excel also impact the productivity of HR and the individual employee, like they have to spend valuable working hours filling out forms, submitting to the manager and waiting for approval.

Do you face challenges every day in leave management? Do you feel many times leave management is an overwhelming task? 

The easiest way to tackle the challenge is to automize and streamline your leave management system. Instead of you doing all the work, a system will do work for you! This is especially crucial for any Owner/ Entrepreneur or HR person as it saves time and cost of the company!

factoHR has the most flexible and highly configurable leave management system.


Here are the several features of factoHR which can help you to automize your leave management system :

  • Configure Leave policies

The first step for any company to manage leave is to define a leave policy. factoHR is one of the most elaborated leave management systems in India, which allows you to configure your end to end leave policy so that you don’t need to change your business rule to go for automation. If you don’t have leave policy don’t worry as factoHR comes with commonly used preconfigured policy.

  • Leave Integrated Payroll

Many companies are managing two system to calculate employee payroll. One for leave and attendance while the other for HR and payroll. Every time when they want to calculate payroll, they need to transfer data from the leave-attendance system into the payroll system. It is an error-prone and inefficient way of working. With factoHR’s leave integrated payroll system, it allows you to process payroll N number of times without importing a single bit of data.

  •  Define your own Leave types

In factoHR’s leave management system, you can define your own N number of leave types. It also comes with most commonly used leave types such as privileged, casual, sick, unpaid leave as a pre-configured setting. It also enables you to assign certain leave type to a specific category of the employees like trainee can not have privileged leave while permanent employees will get two leaves per month after completion of probation period.

  • Auto compute Leave balance

Its become difficult to track employee’s pending and avail leaves in excel or manually and many times it becomes the reason for employee’s dissatisfaction. With factoHR, employee leave balance will accrue automatically as per your defined policy, criteria and intervals. So you don’t need to maintain any kind of spreadsheet or documents to find accurate leave balances.

  • Multi-Stage Leave approval work-flow

In your company, you need to ensure each department has sufficient employees who handle responsibilities when others are on leave and takes leave only when it is necessary without affecting work. To ensure this, factoHR leave management provides multi-stage leave approval workflows. If the employee applies for leave, it has to be approved by three superior to ensure his leave does not impact companies work.


Levels of Leave Approval Workflow

Employee -> Supervisor [1 level]

Employee -> Supervisor -> Assistant Manager [2 level]

Employee -> Supervisor -> Assistant Manager -> Manager [3 level]

Let’s go through 3-level approval example :

Suppose an employee applies for leave & sends his leave application for supervisor approval. Supervisor views the leave application & decides whether to approve or reject. If supervisor accepts the leave request then it is passed for approval to assistant manager. Once assistant manager approves it further it goes to the manager for approval and he finalizes the leave of the employee.

  • Leave management through mobile app

In a world where there is an app for everything, factoHR offers the best services to managers & employees with a modern and fully functional mobile app as it helps to ease their task. Managers are easily notified about the leaves applied by their employees and will get notifications for all the approvals pertaining to leave which can be approved/rejected effortlessly through the mobile app.

On the other hand, it is extremely useful for the employees as it facilitates them when required. By the help of mobile app, employees can check their available leave balance, quickly apply for leaves & check the status of their leave requests right from their phone on go.

  • Generates insightful Leave reports

It is quite difficult to generate leave report of each and every employee and track them time to time.

Integrated reports give managers, HR and executives insight into absence patterns, often accelerating the identification and deployment of best practices across the organization.

factoHR has a feature that helps Managers to define the fields for leave report by which only that fields will be displayed to employees.

factoHR’s leave management system generates following reports :

>> Leave balance report

>> Compensatory report

>> Leave monthly availed report

>> Leave availed detail report

>> Pending Leave application report

>> Leave application History report

And much more…

  • Dashboard with Leave figure

factoHR’s ‘Dashboard’ provide a panoramic view of all leave information, leave balance and leave adjusts for all employees where manager can view the number of employees who are on leave, present, etc…


Did you know the latest feature of factoHR’s leave management system ??

factoHR has a notable feature “Leave Calendar” for Managers. This feature provides manager an easy, intuitive & user-friendly calendar through which Managers are able to have a glance of all employees leave (department wise).

Let’s say a company’s policy defines that a department has to have 50 percent attendance of their total employees. Sometimes it happens that managers might approve the requests of more than 50 percent of the employees in the department. So, here ‘leave calendar’ comes into picture. Manager will be able to decide how many leaves he needs to approve while considering the policy.


The Takeaway

Each organization needs to have an effective leave management system to manage and track employee’s leave requests, calculate leave balance and process payroll accurately.

factoHR’s HR and Payroll software is an adaptable and powerful cloud-based solution. It comes with a comprehensive and automated leave management system to help you address various pain points of managing leaves in a well-organized manner.

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