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Book club: Reading boosts creativity

Looking for an easy way to share information and develop employees at work? Form a book club in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book. Combine the book reading with a regularly scheduled discussion meeting to double the impact of the book.

Why should a company have a book club for employee development?

A book club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and expressed their opinions. The following case shows how can a book club help in employee development :

• Build relationship community

Every organization tends to build a strong relationship between employees. But sometimes there are some employees who tend to be an introvert. For such an employee book club brings them together and builds a strong community.

• Leadership opportunities

Organizations incline for ways to provide leadership opportunities for their employees. Preparing and leading a book club discussion is a simple way to give employees the opportunity to lead.

• Engage in open discussion

Reading a book carves every employee to share their opinion on that book which in turn leads them to communication and engagement with the employees.

• Ideation Lab

Ideation Lab is a place where the process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas are welcomed, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract.

• Learn something

Company book clubs not only help create the best workplace but also contributes to the growth of an individual.

Reasons to start a book club for employee development

• Reading boosts creativity

Both the fiction and non-fiction books help to develop a creative mind which in turn may prove useful to the company.

• People who read together, stay together

Book clubs bring people together to share ideas and thoughts, which in turn builds a good communication in the organization.

• Information is empowering

Books can be a powerful source to update our education so that we can always stay in touch with current technology.

• Everyone needs a break

Having a book club provides everyone with a break from the physical and mental strain of the daily work. This even improves the technological knowledge which in turn is useful at work.

Ways to implement a book club for employee development

• Determine if employees are interested in book club

Sending an email to draw employees attention in reading a book at their own time and discuss it once a week.

• A small group is recruited a book

Sometimes organization leaders and other employees may have a book in mind to suggest. Other times, a small team is recruited to pick a book, or to provide several choices.

• Allow the voluntary participants to vote to select the book to read

Every employee must be free to read a book of choice so that an individual can develop in their own field.

• Read, meet and discuss

There should be a meeting where a reader shares the concept of the book and other employers can put forth their idea of how that can be applied to the organization.

How can a book club boost employee performance?

• Employee development

Helping employees grow in their job is a key to attract and retain top talented employees. But some small business organizations cannot afford to send staff for training, so book club is the key to draw upon the experiences of thought leaders.

• Increased innovation

Creativity in work may sometimes come from unexpected ideas given by the employees. These unexpected ideas can come from the fiction as well as non-fiction reading of the books.

• Team bonding

In order to work in a team, employees need to know each other as friends and not as machines. The book club is one such place where people can get to know each other as friends or colleagues.

I hope you have given the Book Club format a try, as I’ve found it to be an incredibly fulfilling at-work experience. If yes, share your stories and ideas to implement a book club at the workplace in the comment section. 

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