Construction Workers

Coverage of all construction workers under PF

Provident Fund Organisation has decided to Coverage of all construction workers under Employees Provident Fund scheme.

1. May please refer to Head Office Circular No. C-III/ 110001/4/3(71) Misc/2013/DL/12802 dated 08.10.2013 (Place at Sl. No.428) and Circular No CIII/110001/4/3(71)Misc/2013/DL /34862 dated 22.01.2015 CPFC has also sent emails on the subject. The issue has also been discussed in various meetings held at Zone level and attire Head Office level and instructions have also been given vide those minutes.

2. The latest letter from the Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment addressed to the CPFC is enclosed. It emphasizes on the coverage of all the Building & Other Constructions Workers to ensure that this coverage is complete. The following should be done immediately.

(i) Meetings should be held with Central Public Sector Undertakings which are functioning under your area in one or other way to ensure that all workers employed in the construction work are registered under UAN. Minutes of the meeting should be uploaded on the website and should be sent on email of CPFC as well as on the email of ACC(Compliance)

(ii) Meeting should be held with State PSUs and State Department to ensure that all coverage of through construction workers takes place in respect of the workers working in these PSUs or departments including those deployed through contractors/sub-contractors. Minutes of these meetings are uploaded on the website and should be sent on email of CPFC as well as on the email of ACC(Compliance).

(iii) Meetings with all the Trade Unions representatives should be held to deliberate on the issues of coverage of construction workers and action should be taken as per law on the suggestions made by the union representatives. The minutes of the meetings and action taken the report to be uploaded to the website and should be sent on email of CPFC as well as on the email of ACC(Compliance).

(iv) All construction sites which are located in your regions/sub-regions be visited. Photographs are taken, especially when the work is going on. This must be done in respect of the buildings where the area being constructed is 10,000 sq.ft. or more and in respect of other construction works also such as road, railways, laying pipelines, bridges etc. A library of such photographs should be maintained invariably and EPFO Head Office will come up with a website for keeping track of these photographs. These photographs are not for the sake of photographs but for coverage of all workers which are working on these sites.

(v) You were directed through an earlier circular that you should guide all the employers having more than 500 or more workers which are engaging staff on an outsourcing basis. The meetings of such employers having more than 500 employees in your zone should also be held and minutes of such meetings are uploaded on the website.

3. Principal employers are made liable to ensure compliance in respect of construction/other contractual workers deployed by them through contractors/subcontractors. It may also be impressed upon the principal employer that merely giving code numbers of contractors will not suffice. To ensure compliance of construction workers engaged through contractors/subcontractors, they should not only ensure separate ECRs containing PF account numbers of their workers but also copies of wages salary register and attendance register. Remittances of PF and ECRs should be verified by Principal employers from EPFO’s website before releasing the bills to avoid manipulations/misappropriation of PF dues by their contractors/subcontractors.

4. Principal employers should also be advised to mention PF account number and UAN number on I-card of each worker. UAN numbers of all workers have got activated so that the workers can get their E-pass books and even know about the deposit of PF by contractors last month along with PF balance just by giving a missed call from a registered mobile.

5. For the purpose of aforesaid inspections standing permission is granted and the matter should not be referred to seek permission from CAIU at Head Office.

6. Action on these above points should be taken and a monthly report should be sent as to how much coverage of employees increased in your area. It needs to be ensured that such workers get the UAN so that he is entitled to portability benefits. The monthly report is submitted by 15th of the following month in enclosed performed by e-mail in excel format.

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