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Ease your hiring process by implementing onboarding software solutions

Did you know that 22% of the companies have no onboarding process?

Onboarding process required a lot of time and energy into finding and hiring the right person. You need to put just as much effort into making sure they succeed.

But whether you are planning to hire some new employees or need to replace some who have left the job, you just need to do onboarding process. This process fills the gap of skilled employees required in the company. Therefore, you need to have a well defined and smooth going onboarding process:

Let us take a walk through at some of the onboarding process and steps followed by many companies in India.

Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into the company and giving them the tools, information, and introductions they will need to succeed in their new job. It is when you start making sure the physical environment is ready. These are things that are required for any employee so you can do them ahead of time because they will be the same regardless of who you hire.

  • Employee enrollment

The basic information of an employee is required for employment & HR management, the creation of staff register, payment of salary, provision of benefit packages, social insurance related procedures, legally required procedures and other employment management. Some of the information required are a name, phone number, address, confirmation date, joining date, etc which were done manually. It was very tedious and difficult for HR to maintain the data of so many employees on paper. There were chances that their documents can get lost.

  • Difficulty in finding employees information

At the time of appraisal or an employee leaving a company, HR needs employee’s information. It was very hard to search the data you need for a particular employee. To find a data of a particular employee from a bulk of files and papers is no easy job. This issue can be resolved through the software.

  • Generating HR letters

HR needs to generate employment letters from the time of hiring till an employee leaves the company. Employment letters are a proof of an employee’s position and salary structure. The task of HR increases when he has to generate multiple employment letters. To generate employment letters for every employee individually is time consuming and also hard to maintain.

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  • Document management

Document management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. It is required to capture, store and retrieve documents every day. For many organizations, this process is amazingly time consuming and too often ignored. HR may lose some documents and thus leads to increase in his work.

factoHR’s onboarding can help you complete paperwork before a new hire’s start date and get everyone introduced quickly to welcome emails and team introductions. Set your new hires up for success with our Onboard, our cloud-based employee onboarding system.

HR Onboarding: The Status of Employee Onboarding After Automation through factoHR

  • Managing HR letters

To create letters for an individual employee or in a bulk through a click of a button can reduce the burden of HR. factoHR is a platform where you can upload the template for offer letter, appointment letter, confirmation letter, appraisal letter and relieving letter, etc. and generate it for as many numbers of employees you require. You can also create customized letter according to your need. You can also send an email of letters to that employee.

  • Managing forms and memo

Various forms for PF, ESIC, PT, Bonus such as form 11, form 5, form 10, form19, etc. can be generated automatically. You can also download these forms. These forms can also be sent to that employee at their email address. You can even send a warning to the employee in their mail address through the system.

  • Document management

Several documents such as employee’s KYC documents, visa, passport, resident card, insurance card can be uploaded to the system. So there is no need for bulky paper work to keep the record of the employees. Alert is sent to HR before the expiration date of any of these documents.

  • Asset management

Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. You can manage assets assigned to the employee through our software A generalized report where the detail of every asset assigned to an employee can be reflected is generated from the system. Asset status i.e assigned, lost and returned is also maintained. The expiration date of an asset can also be defined. Asset management is linked to the resignation of an employee where a notification is sent to HR manager regarding the assets assigned to that employee.

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The Takeaway
With the employment experience becoming more and more individualized, a healthy and robust onboarding program could be just the ticket to get your new hire set up the right way, right from the get-go. factoHR onboarding module provides a systematic stepwise approach to employee’s induction and on boarding process that creates a positive first impression on employee’s mind and increases employee engagement.

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