ECR 2.0 Portal

ECR 2.0 portal for online filing of returns by exempted establishments will not be available for some time

ECR 2.0 portal will not be available for some time

As per latest circular by ECR 2.0 portal will not be available for an exempted establishment for some time till then establishments are requested to prepare their data and be ready for submission once the portal is available for some time.

Important info in EPFO circular

  • The functionality of filing of online returns of Exempted Establishments is currently integrated into ECR portal and said portal will be stopped in the current month.
  • The functionality of filing of online returns for exempted establishments will be deployed on the Unified Porta; being developed by C-DAC.
  • Said functionality of filing online returns will be deployed later once the development and testing are completed.
  • Exempted Returns and its MIS Dashboard will not be available for some time till it is deployed on a unified portal.

In the existing scheme of filing of online returns by exempted relaxed establishments filing of return is allowed in a sequential manner. It implies the exempted establishment is not permitted to file online returns for a particular month until the same for the previous month has been filed.

Therefore, once ECR portal is stopped the exempted relaxed establishments will be required to keep the data ready for the months for which the same could not be filed for the reason of non-availability of the portal for filing the online return. Once the return is deployed the will have to file the same for all such pending months. Accordingly, field office are requested to inform the employers in relation to establishment of all the establishments which are enjoying exemption from the operation of the EPF scheme, 1952 and maintaining private PF trusts of their own.


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