Electronic Challan Cum Return (ECR) Version 2

Electronic Challan Cum Return (ECR) (version 2.0)

To reduce the complexity of existing portal and simplify overwhelmed 25 field Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) file EPFO is planning to revise existing ECR file format and ECR filing portal. New ECR file format will be of just 11 fields and called Electronic Challan Cum Return (ECR) (version 2.0). ECR portal will replace existing fragmented and multiple portals for filing and payment process with unified one place ECR filing and payment process. The new portal will combine existing ECR filling portal, existing claim status portal and challan payment portal.

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Electronic Challan Cum Return (ECR) (version 2.0)

Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) Version 2 will be completely UAN base format so only UAN allowed employees contribution can be uploaded through new ECR filing. For a new employee, the company has to generate UAN number before filing ECR online. In ECR version 2 member id, EE share due, EPS contribution due, ER share due, all of the arrear field and employee informative fields will be omitted while UAN number, Gross Wages will be added. In ECR version 2 all arrear related fields are part of new arrear file and employee’s informative fields are captured at the time of UAN generation.

New Unified Portal

As of now ECR filing is fragmented and required to submit through the different portal for ECR filing. To overcome this issue EPFO has combined at least three portal and into one unified portal and process for ECR filing.

Download ECR and UAN related PDFs

Download UAN 2.0 & ECR 2.0 user manual, FAQs, Introduction, Process flow

New Process of ECR filing will be as follow

1. Login into unified web portal using existing ECR portal credential


2. After login, an employer will be able to check their establishment info and status.

employer status

3. Select payment menu for ECR upload

ECR Upload Menu.

4. Select Wage Month, Salary Disbursement Date, Select ECR Version 2 file, type of file (ECR, Arrear), Contribution Rate ( Default 12%) then press upload button and the portal will validate file for predefined conditions and employer will be allowed to verify the file.

ECR File Upload

ECR Format 2

File Validation

5. Once the file is verified TRRN number will be generated for challan purpose.

TRRN Generation

6. Now click on prepare challan to generate ECR summary sheet.

Prepare Challan

7. Here You need to provide Admin and inspection charges. You can also edit contribution for Ac No 21. then click on “Generate Challan” Button

ECR Summary

8. After challan generation, you have to finalize your challan once challan is finalized you can not edit any details.

9. After finalization, you can generate acknowledge file and receipt file.

10. You can also process further and process pays directly from here.

ECR Finalize & ACK generation


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