Checklist When Employee Resigns

Checklist for Employee Offboarding when a resource resigns.

1) Get written confirmation of the employee resignation

Get written confirmation of the employee resignation, and the date of resignation. This will help you avoid disputes over the exact date of the resignation and the start of any notice period.

2) Confirm the employee’s notice period

You may find it more appropriate to pay the employee in lieu of all or part of the notice period if your contract provides for it or the employee agrees. However, if you do so, be sure that you have another employee who is able to immediately take on the job. Confirm the employee’s notice period, usually part of their contract of employment. If it is not, statutory notice will apply.

3) Organise a handover period

This allows for a smooth handover to existing staff or the employee’s replacement of key tasks and responsibilities.

4) Retrieve office properties

Retrieve security passes and all other property of your business, eg: tools, uniforms, computers and company cars, Deskkeys, laptops, mobiles, IDCards, companies car, house facility, any Handbooks, Files Stationery, Manuals/books, etc

5) Arrange an exit interview

An Hr must arrange an exit interview so that while an employee living an organization can get the true feedback and can give the better scope of improvements.

6) Organise a farewell gift or party

If the organization wish; can arrange the farewell party for the employee who is leaving it.

7) Check any loans/Advances to be clear out

Check out for the safety whether any additional payments/loans are to be clear out or not.

8) Any other Security Passwords/Access codes for computer files

Be careful and don’t forget to take the security passwords from the employee if any.

9) Complete procedure for Full & Final

Organize their final payment including all money owing, eg: pay in lieu of working a notice period, money for unused holidays, early going, leave, overtime, bonus payments, ad-hoc payments remaining, etc.

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