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Let’s hear about Ravi, who is working in the Infinite Pvt. Ltd. company. He is going on a business tour for five days. While on the travel, he got a message of salary deposit in his account. He wanted to have an access to his salary slip while on the road. But the question is how?

He contacted his HR, Mr. Trivedi, to discuss his concern. Mr. Trivedi was not having any solution to his concern and felt helpless. So, he thought of having a satisfactory solution for his employees and searched for payroll software where he got factoHR mobile app as the perfect solution.

Now let’s take a tour on how Mr. Trivedi tried to help Ravi and other employees through factoHR’s HR and Payroll mobile app:

1. Salary Slip

As we know Ravi wanted to have a glance at his salary slip. Are you too? Ravi can easily download his salary slip through the factoHR mobile app. He can have a quick view on the graph of his salary. He is happy to know that he can also download IT statement along with his salary slip.

2. Attendance punch

As we know Ravi is on a business tour, so he can’t punch-in through the biometric system. Here is where factoHR mobile app plays a role in helping him. He can punch-in through the “Attendance Punch” module in the factoHR mobile app. He can also have a quick view of his punch-in/punch-out history.

3. Attendance Regularization

During the working hours, suppose Ravi wants to leave early for his personal work. Can he apply for early going attendance application? The answer is “YES.” Through factoHR mobile app, he could apply for attendance application along with the date, time and reason. Next day, he works beyond working hours to complete his task. In such a case, he can also apply for overtime application. He can view all his application at a glance and send it for approval to his manager.

4. Geo-Tracking

As Ravi is on a business tour, how to track his location? His company suffered due to disorganization and inability to track mobile workforce productivity. But now thanks to Geo-Tracking feature of the mobile app that puts managers in control by letting them view real-time information about Ravi and other such employees. When managers have the tracking information they need, productivity can improve dramatically.

5. Geo-Fencing

Before Ravi used to mark attendance through physical punching in and out. But now they have shifted to Geofences that are virtual perimeters created using the latitude, longitude, and radius of a location. With Geo-Fencing, the employer can effortlessly get attendance data logged, anywhere within the geofence. For any employee working out of different locations for a period of time, geofencing is a boon.

6. Leave application

After a long business tour, Ravi wanted to leave from work to take rest as he was not feeling well. He can apply it through factoHR mobile app. He can check his leave balance on a pie chart before applying for leave. He can apply for the total number of days, reason and attachment if needed. But will his manager get notification of his leave application? The answer is “YES.” After submitting the leave application his manager will get notified and can either approve or disapprove the application.

factoHR provides a mobile app that promotes the integrity as well as the availability of data. Hence, a mobile application proves to be useful in managing and moving an organization ahead. If you are looking for such a mobile application then you can contact factoHR.

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