Employees Birthday

Employee Recognition : How to cherish your employee’s on their birthday?

Employees Birthday recognition

Birthday recognition is a good way to build your team culture. In virtual team environments, it can act as a way to engage remote employees. Organizations and leaders need to be conscious of how to celebrate employees birthday. Assigned authorities should collect the basic data regarding birth date of the new employee while onboarding. After collection of required data, start putting employees birthday into your attendance tracking program or software so you will be notified of the employees special day. By following this procedure, we can be sure that no one is overlooked and it can also be time saving and efficient. Observing employees birthday we can make them feel special and demonstrate that company cares about all the employees. On recognizing employees birthdays, the company can boost employee morale and motivation while increasing productivity. That’s why when an employees birthday comes around it’s important to know that you can make a huge impact on something as small as a birthday card. By celebrating birthdays employees can have some fun together as a team.

Why your workplace should celebrate Employees Birthday

  • Birthdays are an important event to celebrate because they focus on individual employees.
  • An employees birthday is the event when they are recognized separately.
  • Employees are an asset to an organization, so a company should observe every employees birthday.
  • An employee feels wanted and a part of the company when he is appreciated and remembered for important events like birthdays.
  • The company can build up a strong bond with the employee when they gift them for the memorable events in their lives.
  • Birthdays, however, are the perfect excuse to shine the spotlight on every employee individually in your company for one day per year.
  • A birthday is a great time to show how much the employee means to the organization.
  • Additionally, recognizing this milestone is a great way to shift the focus away from work for a few minutes.
  • Even if employees just take a moment to sing “Happy Birthday” and watch their colleague blow out candles, they will return to their duties with an increased sense of unity – and probably a cupcake!
  • Celebrating employees birthday may serve as a tool to boost employee retention, employee engagement and team-bonding.
  • Birthdays are a key milestone in a person’s life and it appears to be one of the most universally and popularly celebrated events ever.
  • It seems almost natural that the company should piggyback on this momentous moment to greet its employee.
  • Ultimately, the birthday reward is a birthday present for companies to their beloved employees.

Ways to address Employees Birthday

The choices for how to honor an employee birthday is as diverse as the number of businesses out there. Some of the approach to acknowledge birthdays are as follows:

1. Multiple Birthdays on One Day
This is one of the best ways if you want to spend some real time celebrating employees birthday. Consider taking out time once a month – perhaps on the last Friday – for celebrating all of the employees birthday occurring in that month. A once-a-month celebration won’t hinder anyone’s performance, and celebrating all the birthdays makes it a group event – even the ones who don’t want their birthdays to be celebrated at the workplace, can join in the event to celebrate the birthday of their colleagues falling on the same month as them. Encourage everyone in the workplace to take time away from their desks for the party – all of the employees deserve a break every now and then!

2. Some Birthday Treats
Birthday celebrations and sugary treats go hand-in-hand. Arrange a cake or cupcakes or cookies for the celebration. You can also arrange for some desserts loved by the birthday guy or girl around lunch hour. People can set up for 20 to 30 minutes during lunch before getting back to work. A potluck-type celebration can also be encouraged where everybody brings in their own favorite treats. This is a great way to celebrate as it will not only provide enough for everyone but you will also have various food choices and discussions – and who doesn’t love more food!

3. Store Birthday Cards
Just something as simple as a birthday card can make the whole difference for the day for an employee. Not only does it show that the office cares but it also solves the purpose of quietly appreciating the employee without disturbing the company work during the day. You can keep the card in a safe spot and send an office-wide email for everyone to sign it. Then, present the card at the end of the day when everyone’s wrapping up work.

4. Decorate Their Desk
This is another way to honor the employee on their birthday. You can bring in some easily available items like balloons or streamers or table-top party decorations and brighten their desk even before they get to work in the morning. That employee will feel remembered and loved, and they will most probably spend the whole day at their newly transformed desk!

5. Collect Funds
At the end of the day, the track should be kept of the funds used. We don’t want one employee spending much more than others and feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day. Keep a departmental fund or you can simply ask all the employee to chip in a particular amount for the event. Follow a certain trend on collecting the funds, whether it be departmental or through employees, and keep it in practice throughout. This will help habituate everyone to the birthday trends and no one will feel out of place or overburdened.

6. Give them the day off
Some employees may not be interested in celebrating their birthday at work, instead choosing to be around family. Or your employee just might need a day off to recharge their batteries. Whatever the case, offering a personal day for this once-a-year event is something employees will appreciate.

7. Give them the spotlight
Birthdays could be the perfect opportunity to profile your employee to let the whole office get to know them a little better. Either send out an email blast with a little bit of information or post something on your company’s internal network.

8. Charitable contributions
Donating money to charity is a good way to show your organization’s investment in the community and in social responsibility. To make it more meaningful, find out which charity the employee would like to make a contribution to and donate on their behalf.

9. Take them out for a meal
Taking employees out for lunch or dinner at the restaurant of their choice will be good opportunity to get to know your employees better. If that is not possible, you may also host a potluck-style lunch at the company instead. Have each member of the team bring in something special on the employees birthday. Either way, eating a meal together is a great way to get people talking to one another.

10. Ask their closest friend at work to organize the celebration
Ask the celebrant’s closest friend at work to take charge of the birthday celebration. By delegating this task to people close to the employee, the celebration will be more personalized and special for the birthday boy or girl.

11. Spin the birthday wheel
Create a birthday wheel to spin that’s full of desirable outcomes – “Extra Day of PTO,” “Pizza Party,” “Half Day.” When the employee spins the wheel, it creates something fun and exciting for the company to gather around and cheer for – especially if other employees get to be the beneficiaries of the spin. You can also include a “Whammy” for good fun – which prompts the employee to do something funny, like sing Happy Birthday to themselves.

12. Give a birthday card
Grab a birthday card and have your entire team or company sign it. This simple gesture is a low-key way to show that you’ve remembered their special day and that everyone around the employee cares about them.

13. Give a birthday gift
Present a gift to the employee on their birthdays. Give a gift that speaks to their interests and will give them the great time that they deserve. Gifts should be such that it excites employee and also should be useful to them.

14. Show your gratitude with a note from the whole team
A birthday is a great time to show how much the employee means to the organization. Instead of a generic birthday card, have colleagues write a few sentences about the employee’s contributions and what they like most about working with that person.This sends the clear signal that the whole workplace sees and appreciates each employee’s hard work.

Birthdays are special celebrations for individuals. It’s their day. Make your employees feel truly valued by incorporating these ideas into your employee recognition program to show your appreciation for all employees.
Not only will it make them feel valued as an employee, it makes them feel valued as an individual.

Benefits of workplace Birthday celebration

The benefits of the celebrating employees birthday go beyond the enjoyment of the party itself. The magical power of celebrating employees birthday charge them up to work at the company more effectively and connectedly. Understanding the benefits of birthday celebrations at company helps you spend the time and money on the events.

Following are the major benefits to celebrate employees’ birthdays at the workplace:


  • On recognizing employees birthday at the workplace, they feel connected with the company and not just only a cog in the wheel.
  • It shows employees that you value their personal milestones.
  • Celebrating birthdays of the employees, show that you take a personal interest in your staff.
  • The workplace celebrations give you a platform to wish the employees’ on their special days.


  • Celebrating birthdays at workplace brings all the employees in a company together for one purpose.
  • The celebration of birthdays helps create a sense of team unity among all the employees.
  • During the birthday celebration, the atmosphere is relaxed where colleagues are able to get to know one another beyond the work they do.
  • The birthday celebrations could be one of the best platforms a company can tap on for team bonding.


  • On observing the birthday celebration of the employees, improves their attitude towards the workplace and their job.
  • Birthday celebrations provide an enjoyable break from the regular routine of the workplace for an additional morale booster.
  • When morale is high at the office, the employees are more likely to work efficiently and stick with the company.


  • The occasional workplace celebration of the birthdays motivates the employees at the company.
  • Seeing others receive recognition or being recognized personally encourages an employee to continue working hard.
  • The break from the monotony of the workday helps recharge your employees, so they are more focused and better able to tackle projects when they return to work.


Even if the workday goes along as usual, with the same routine time and the same routine daily activities the day feels different when an employees birthday is being celebrated by employer or colleagues. It is the opportunity to acknowledge the employees individually and make them feel special. Similar to a reward and recognition program, acknowledging employees birthday can go a long way to improving employee morale and in turn, employee productivity.

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