Exempted Trusts Press Release

EPFO Press Release for Exempted Trusts to notify their members

EPFO has made mandatory for Exempted Trusts to notify their members about the contribution made to their account

• To provide online services to about 84 lacs workers of the exempted establishments, Central Provident Fund Commissioner has further directed the Trusts of exempted establishments to put in place a mechanism to communicate remittance to the member’s account to the member through SMS on mobile phones, emails or mobile e-passbook within two days of receipt of remittance from the exempted establishments. The field offices are directed to also monitor all other performance parameters of the exempted establishments during the compliance audit.

• Establishments covered and exempted under EPF & MP Act, 1952 are allowed to maintain their own Provident Fund Trust under the supervision of Employees Provident Fund Organization. Such exempted establishments are employing around 84 lacs workers. These establishments are required to file online returns through electronic means. Subsequent to the introduction of the new software, real time monitoring of exempted establishments has also commenced.

• EPFO has implemented online filing of returns by exempted establishments and performance evaluation system for exempted establishments and their Trusts, which is displayed on the EPFO Website under the Tab named as “Exempted Establishments”.

• In the review taken by Central Provident Fund Commissioner, it was found that more than 700 exempted establishments did not file online returns. In order to protect the interest of the workers, Central Provident Fund Commissioner has issued directions to all the field offices to ensure filing of the online returns by all the exempted establishments and take appropriate action against the defaulting establishments as per law including cancellation of exemption as per the EPF & MP Act, 1952, EPF Scheme, 1952 and extant guidelines in this regard.

• It is required that all the exempted establishments/employers are required to file the statutory online returns in time i.e. on or before 25th of the month following that to which it relates.

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