Biometric Time Attendance System

factoHR Joins Hands with Matrix as Technology Partner – A Biometric Time Attendance System Provider

factoHR, India’s foremost cloud based Payroll and HRMS software company, announced a tie-up with Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Biometric Time Attendance System. This partnership will be useful for the seamless integration of attendance system with payroll processing functions.

“ It’s easy enough to get hold of biometric hardware but that’s where the real challenges begin, ” commented Aniruddh Nagodra, CEO of factoHR.
“ There are numerous factors responsible for an unambiguous, easy and accurate payroll processing. It begins right from selection of robust, versatile and innovative Biometric Time Attendance system and ends with technologically progressive HRMS and Payroll software. ”

factoHR is a leader in HR and payroll solutions which was developed to meet the continued goal of eliminating the headaches of HR with a modern and innovative approach.

“ Matrix – A Pioneer in Security Solutions, associates with factoHR, India’s foremost cloud based Payroll and HRMS software company to provide a complete Time-Attendance and Payroll solution to the end customer. Matrix COSEC state-of-the art biometric devices can seamlessly integrate with payroll solution that simplifies, smoothens and lessens the ambiguities in payroll processing for enterprises ”, said Jatin Desai, Marketing Manager, Matrix ComSec.

Payroll management is an imperative function of HR in any organization irrespective of its size. It is very crucial for employees and organization for the payroll to be accurate and on time. To make it happen, all payroll inputs must be accurate. One of the inputs is the attendance data of employees.

Managing employee’s attendance and timings is a basic, yet critical challenge for organizations. Managing attendance of every employee on a centralized level becomes a herculean task for HR. To avail the benefits of attendance policies, biometric machine for attendance must be chosen wisely.

With the Matrix Security solutions, organizations can overcome this issue quite easily and can serve as the perfect solution. Matrix’s Biometric Time Attendance system is a fully integrated and automated solution for recording punch data to generating reports in factoHR. You will no longer need to worry about integration hassles and will get real-time access to the attendance information.

Let’s have a glance at the high-end features that can be gained by users while integrating factoHR with Matrix (Biometric Time Attendance System provider) :

• Unified Integration of Attendance with Payroll

• Accurate Real-Time Monitoring

• Ease of Statutory Report Generation

• Fully Automated Solution

• Higher Transparency

• Saves Time & Cost

factoHR integrated with Matrix can surely make the work of organizations easier as far as managing attendance details of employees with the payroll is concerned. It automates attendance management without any kind of manual intervention. factoHR can be seamlessly integrated with Matrix’s biometric time attendance system.

Matrix brings extensive experience and varied devices to capture employees attendance. Their devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance. They support multiple credentials such as Fingerprint, RFID Card and Palm Vein which can be easily integrated with factoHR.

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