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Kelvin Plastic trust factoHR to simplify HR & Payroll process

Being from the non-corporate world, HR and payroll activities are headache for me. But factoHR – simplest fastest HR engine has streamlined and automized our HR activities. They have proved their tagline and simplified our HR & payroll processes.

Kelvin Plastic Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of pipes and fitting since 1994. Being a part of large scale manufacturing industry, it is difficult to maintain manually employee records and employee salary calculation in spreadsheets. Mrs. Pooja Dadhaniya – HR executive of Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd shares her experience of using factoHR.

Watch how Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd simplify their HR and payroll processes with factoHR.

Before implementing factoHR, Kelvin Plastic had faced many problems in salary calculation, leave management, attendance management, statutory compliance and other areas of HR & payroll. Manual payroll calculation was inaccurate and led to a time-consuming process.

In her experience story with factoHR, Mrs. Pooja Dadhaniya includes that as she is coming from the non-corporate world it was quite difficult to manage HR & payroll. But with factoHR – integrated HR and payroll software, they are able to run their payroll processes in a seamless manner. Previously payroll calculation process took 5-6 days which is now completing in just 1-2 hours !! Thus they can focus on their core business activities. They have also said that they are very pleased with high and professional quality services of factoHR.

Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd experience story with factoHR in Gujrati.

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