Time And Atendance

Importance of Online Time and Attendance system

Online Attendance System is critical when you have presence in multiple locations

In any business organizations, attendance tracking of the employee is one of the most critical factors that affect the overall profitability of the business operations. Improving attendance and  managing  unplanned absenteeism and time stealing are crucial issues faced by employers. Although absenteeism is sometimes unavoidable and employers also realize this fact, persistent and excessive non-attendance  can negatively impact the productivity of a company. In this scenario, online attendance system can help companies by allowing employees to mark their attendance through online ESS portal.

Take the case of an employee working in the accounts department of an organization whose office timings are from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. If he reports late to office regularly but leaves on time, it is quite likely that he will not be able to complete his regular tasks on time and that too with perfection. This, in turn, will hamper his performance as well as  the company’s overall productivity. 

Some of the steps that factoHR manage employees Attendance are:

1) Define Attendance Leave Policies: To manage Attendance & Leave in an organization, it is important to have a clear Leave policy and Attendance policy defined and easily available to the employees. factoHR helps in fixing the company wise policies and rules for managing the time.It ensures that the rules are same for all the employees of an organization and gives the impression of fairness and justice.

2) The flexibility of Attendance / Work schedules: factoHR offers shifts & Fixed Time Attendance policies and schedules which is quite flexible in any organization. It gives perfection in employees work behavior, increase satisfaction and brings transparency in to the organization.

3) Reports & Detail Time tracking: factoHR helps to maintain the detailed Attendance record indicating what time they reach the office, why they were late (if they were late), and what reason they give for their absenteeism. These records may be useful in managing employees, in case a disciplinary action has to be taken against them. Multiple reports can also be generated which is helpful to employees and employer both.

4) Integrated Biometrics Attendance devices: To track hourly Attendance biometric devices can be used to track the Attendance of employees. This data can then be sent to an integrated Time and Attendance software for processing. The biometrics Time clocks are the best ways to track the time of hourly workers. factoHR can be easily integrated with any Biometric machines.

5) Facilitates Employee Self service Portal: Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) is a combination of technology and organizational change that enables users to interact directly with their human resource data to inquire, review and act upon transactions in the workplace. Employees can easily check their Leave balance, can apply online Attendance, track their Attendance and Leave via factoHR only.

factoHR Online Attendance System has many benefits as mentioned and gives you peace of mind.

1) Automated and web-based for easy accessibility
2) factoHR Time and Attendance simplifies local, regional, multi-sites and global workforce management with built-in work & best-in-class driven.
3) An automation, managing and tracking of Leave management policies.
4) Allows you to manage your company’s Time-off requests policies through an intuitive employee self-service automated tool.
5) It brings Accuracy and reliability
6) Accessibility and employee satisfaction
7) Eliminates error and saves Time
8) Automated e-mailing of requests for absence
9) Easy & Transparent
10) Fully configurable, multi-level management approval system.

Try factoHR – Leave & Attendance software, to track & manage the Attendance of the employees of your company. Time and Leave management module allows you to manage shifts efficiently and regularize Attendance records on a day-to-day basis in case of travel or client visits.

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