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Prepare Employee Engagement Calendar In Beginning Of Year

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the link between an organization and its employees. It is a workplace approach for the employees towards their organization to give their best each and every day. The organization should create the situation in which employees give more of their capability and potential. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization and put voluntary effort into their work.

Why Should Employee Engagement Calendar Be Prepared?

Preparing of engagement calendar is as good as creating a menu of ‘meaning-making’ activities that include shaping an identity, crafting a purpose, creating a positive work environment, shaping work for needs, learning and growing and bringing delight into the workplace.

  • Better productivity

When employees are engaged at work, they feel a connection with the company.They believe that the work they are doing is important and therefore work harder.

  • Cause marketing

Due to engagement activities, employees enjoy being a part of a solution.They like to participate in events and volunteer with non-profits.They will be more willing to help out when the company they work for pursues a noble cause.

  • Employees are less likely to quit

Fostering a culture of employee engagement can be the key to reducing turnover rates and boosting employee retention. Engaged employees are less inclined to look for other employment opportunities.By cultivating and maintaining this relationship, there is a reduction in the risk of employees quitting the job.

  • More satisfied

Employees who are engaged at work feel satisfied with their careers and are generally happier.Boosting employee engagement is advantageous of both parties and should be treated as a two-way street. One of the biggest advantages to increased employee engagement is that you will be surrounded by happy and satisfied workers who enjoy coming to work nearly every day.

  • Philanthropically minded

By creating an atmosphere of corporate philanthropy, you cannot only help employees contribute to non-profit organizations, but you can also help them feel more engaged and fulfilled at work.

  • Better communicators

Employees who care about their jobs are more effective communicators with their co-workers, leaders and customers. They will engage each other in stimulating discussions that could turn into productive brainstorming sessions. Incorporating a culture of employee engagement can not only help employees connect with one another, but it can also help create new innovations and ideas.

  • Positive attitude

Engaged employees are more likely to have positive and enthusiastic things to say about where they work. Whether they are bragging about their job to customers or simply telling friends and family how much they enjoy working.Employees who are engaged will help spread the genuine and real picture of the company.

  • More creative

All of the conversations that will spring up within your company because of increased employee engagement have the potential to make your employee more creative. Engaged employees find creativity to be essential. They thrive on knowing that they can find new ways of completing tasks and projects and are always looking for fresh takes on old ideas.

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Purpose Of Preparing Employee Engagement Calendar 

Companies are always struggling to retain the best talent at work and striving for ways to create an emotional bond with the organization in the employee’s mind. Consistent employee engagement activities keep their workforce incredibly active all the time. Designing the engagement calendar at the beginning of the year will boost up the stressed up staff and help them to work more energetically. Employee engagement activities in the company will always keep the employees relaxed and refreshed. Having fun at work will increase team building, bring togetherness, relieves stress and make the employee emotionally attached to the workplace and at the end of the day will reduce attrition. Employee engagement activities are absolutely essential when the employers want their employees to truly engage in their assigned task. There is a direct relationship between employee engagement and employee motivation, productivity, satisfaction and retention.

Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes. They tend to make more profit which benefits the organization.

Here is the Engagement-Profit Chain:

employee engagement Infographic

Hence we can say that Employee Engagement is the key to activate a high-performance workforce.

Necessity To Prepare Employee Engagement Calendar At The Beginning Of Year

  • Time for revising and updating the plan

Plans that are prepared ahead of time, can always be revised and updated. We can also supervise the plans at a specific interval of times and update it if required. By revising the plans, we can be on the right track and finally reach the desired goals. By planning ahead we can reduce risk factor and increase the quality.

  • Smooth progress of the organization

For the better development of any organization, planning in the beginning of the year is very much essential. To run any organization smoothly we have to plan out schedules for each and every event. By planning the things in well advance, the company can change and redesign the plans whenever required for the better growth of the company. Hence planning in advance leads to smooth progress.

  • Becoming proactive

Without proper planning, we would not be ready to respond to challenges. Hence we become reactive. Planning ahead helps you become proactive. By becoming proactive you will be able to take the right action and decision in the face of challenge and adversity. As a result, you welcome change because you are ready for any type of challenge.When you are proactive, you will respond to the situations rather than reacting to them.

  • Avoid missing out things

By preparing the engagement calendar at the beginning of the year we would know what will happen when and commit to certain plans means that we won’t miss out the things. By pre-planning the things we can schedule out the all the plans and give the priority which is more important and push back the plans which are less important

  • Enough time to develop teams

Team development is important to get success, build projects and the organization as a whole. The team suffers without plans. To organize any activity in the organization, formation of the team is the first priority. Planning in the beginning of year makes a perfect team and allotment of the work are also done properly among the team members. When the right plan is designed for the right team, assigning tasks to the team members can be done quickly and confidently.

  • Evaluation and control

If we plan at the beginning of the year we can know what are the results expected. If something goes wrong in the actual plan, we should have a backup plan so that we can tackle the things on right time and this is only possible if we plan ahead. Thus the importance of planning is seen when knowing which factors to observe to evaluate and control the plan.

  • Flexibility

When the organization plans in the beginning of the year, they have the flexibility to adjust the growth of the organization if any unseen events happen. So if any problem arises, you would already have a plan in the backup and hence you will not panic and instead you will just pay attention to the execution of your plans.

  • Achieving desired results

Planning is very important for the desired, economical and profitable result. If the plan is implemented correctly, the results will always be desirable. The end of the implementation of one plan is immediately followed by another plan, the process of which starts immediately with a different objective in mind. Thus, planning is important to an organization as it gives a steady growth and prepares the organization for the desired future.

  • Rewards

By planning in advance, remarkable plans can be prepared which leads to remarkable performance and that results in remarkable rewards. Therefore spending time on planning is the worth something extraordinary result and even rewards!!

What Activities Engage Employees?

There are many ideas on how to engage employees, but one of the most prominent is to prioritize activities that keep employees at the center.

Here is a comprehensive list of employee engagement activities:

  • Recognition Programs
  • Sports Events
  • Fundraisers and Charity Days
  • Learning Lunches
  • Training’s
  • Parties
  • Competitions
  • Make on-boarding fun
  • Create your own internal magazine
  • Have themed office days
  • Have team photos
  • Encourage and provide learning opportunities
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Schedule a Pot Luck Lunch
  • Have Hack Weeks/Hackathons
  • Bring in a Motivational Speaker

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