Register Individual Member

How to Register individual member in ECR 2.0

This video will show how to register and generate UAN for new employee in new EPFO portal ( ECR 2.0 )

Register Individual Member in ECR 2 0

Register Individual member in ECR 2.0

This will contain the video of register individual member in new EPFO unified portal(ECR 2.0). The ECR was launched in April 2012 making the online filing of the returns mandatory for the employers. The said version of the ECR was with 25 data fields and it attempted the consolidation of the monthly returns in Form 5/10/12A and the annual returns in Form 3A.

With the launch of the UAN based member identification and it’s becoming stable the services directly to the members started becoming possible as the linking of KYC started.

For register individual member in new EPFO unified portal(ECR 2.0) follow the following process.

This process of register individual member contains main three things.

1. Enter member details
2. Approve member details
3. Check active member to confirm

The process of register individual member is as below:

  • First, go to Register at the top of the menu bar, you will find the various option. To register individual member we have gone to the register –>> Individual and click on it.
  • After that, we have to select one option either yes or no in previous employment field for register individual member.
  • Fill the details of employee: employee name, date of birth, gender father’s/husband’s name, date of joining, marital status and fill the form.
  • Submit the details of an employee to register individual member.
  • For approving the employee details on on member–>>approve and select the approve.
  • After you have satisfied yourself with the correctness of the data, click APPROVE button. An alert will come on Approval. Click OK.
  • For finding new UAN number of employee go to the dashboard –>> active member and go through it to find new employee UAN number.
  • This process will successfully complete the process of register individual member.

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