Few Ways To Reward Your Employees

Few ways to reward your employees by spending less money

Your firm’s employees work hard (well, most of them). And in a world where corporations like to boast about running “lean and mean,” it may seem nearly impossible to compensate employees for doing good work without breaking the budget. In order to motivate employees you need to reward them.

Here are some of the ways to reward employees and to boost their motivation

Flex those hours

If there’s one free reward that rises above the rest, it’s flexible work schedules. Nearly every expert we contacted suggested flex time as a perk that offers the most gain with the least pain.

Send a Handwritten note

Supervisors / Managers should write and send the personal note to employees who deserve recognition. This would encourage their activities. Help them connect. Introducing employees to key suppliers, customers or someone in senior management can help make an employee’s career and it won’t cost you a thing.

Flowers / gifts

Give surprises that will boost up the employees. Share flowers and gifts for their hard work, innovative work, target completion or for extraordinary results.

Give them a free pass

By giving out a certain number of free days off to employees to use as they see fit. “Employees get a few of these a year and can use them as they like,” she said. “They don’t have to pretend to be sick. They can go to the beach, read a book, play with their kids… it doesn’t matter.”

Spread the love

Ask co-workers to write something they truly like or admire about an employee on a scrap of paper, then frame them along with a photograph of the employee.

Offer a swap

Giving your best employees a chance to pick their own projects or trade tasks with a colleague empowers and rewards them at the same time.

Applaud their efforts

If someone has done something really worthwhile, have your entire staff give them a standing ovation at the next meeting.

Walk it as you talk it

Where employees set goals for walking a certain number of steps each day, offering a free gym membership to those who walked the farthest. Not only did they get more fit, they turned their daily walks into traveling staff meetings.

Share the memories

Cases had happened that People who’d worked on particular teams wrote testimonials and creative graphics highlighting some of the team successes. It’s the best gift ever expected by the employee.

Elect them to the Wall of Fame

Several experts suggested setting aside a public space inside your firm and placing photos of employees who’ve accomplished something truly special, along with the details of what they did to earn their place on the wall.

Reward effort as well as success

Even if their ideas sometimes fail, you want employees to keep producing them. This stimulates innovation and positive behavior, not ‘winning.’

Create your own “Club Med.”

Set aside a quiet space or unused office in your building where employees can meditate, chill out, nap or otherwise re-center themselves.Employees will feel a great place to work.

Stoke their passion

Employees don’t just want to enjoy their work, they want to be passionate about it. If you want your employees to feel valued and inspire their passion on your behalf, encourage them to make their own decisions. You can have systems in place to control the implementation of ideas, but you must be certain not to compromise the enthusiasm, creativity and hard work that make them possible in the first place.

Publicize their successes

Managers can recognize and publish are the article of a particular employee, so that the whole company can share in their accomplishments. You can publish the article in company’s magazine / any other media.

Remember the secret words

“The two most underused words that get the highest ROI (return on investment) and ROT (return on your time) are the simple words ‘thank you,’” And say Sorry if some mistakes occur.

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