Uan 2.0 Flowchart For New EPF Member

UAN 2.0 flow for new EPF member


The revised process of UAN 2.0 generation is based on the following principles:

  1. The Electronic Challan cum Return 2.0 would be UAN 2.0 based.
  2. The UAN 2.0 in respect of member with first time employment would be got generated by the employer prior to the filing of ECR 2.0 by an employer for that member.
  3. Also, the linking of the existing UAN of the member with the present employment would necessarily be done by the employer before the filing of UAN 2.0 based ECR.
  4. The member details i.e. name of the member, date of birth, father’s / Husband’s name etc. would be same for all the employments, since the details would be fetched from UAN database of member.

Based on above principles, the process of generation of UAN 2.0 has been revised as under

The member has joined EPF for the first time

In such a case, the employer can obtain UAN 2.0 upfront from EPFO portal on the basis of information furnished by the member in the declaration form. The employer can submit ECR 2.0 in respect of this member only after the UAN 2.0 has been obtained from the portal.

The process flow is as follows:

  • The employer would obtain the Universal Account Number (UAN) for first time member from EPFO through an online functionality on the portal.
  • The employer is required to furnish the details of member i.e. member’s name, father’s/husband’s name, date of birth, date of joining and his KYC details on the portal.
  • The fields required to be furnished information in respect of such members are placed at The employer should furnish the member details on the basis of KYC document – Aadhaar to avoid future complications about member’s name, name of father/spouse, date of birth, gender etc.
  • The employer would get UAN from the portal and the same would be available for validation for the ECR file of the employer.
  • It is reiterated that this process is mandatory for the employer to include the new members in the ECR.

Download ECR and UAN related PDFs

Download UAN 2.0 & ECR 2.0 user manual, FAQs, Introduction, Process flow

Process Flow in Detail Steps

1. Registration of member for UAN generation

For registration of member for UAN generation or linking, click on “REGISTER – INDIVIDUAL” under the menu tab “Member”.

uan 2.0 flow 1

On clicking “REGISTER – INDIVIDUAL”, the Member Registration form will look as below and by default, Previous Employment option would be “No”, which is valid for all first time employment cases. For members with previous employment, the option has to be changed to “Yes”.

uan 2.0 flow 2

The employer has to fill in all the details on the form. The fields with the red asterisk are mandatory.

uan 2.0 flow 3

After filling the member’s details, click on “Save” button.

uan 2.0 flow 4

Please click on “OK” button. The following screen would appear for registration of another member through individual mode.

uan 2.0 flow 5

To edit the member details, click on the “Edit” column against the member.

uan 2.0 flow 6

After editing the details, click on the “Update” button. The edited details would be saved.

uan 2.0 flow 7

2. Approve Submitted Records

For approval of submitted records, click on “APPROVALS” under the menu tab “Member”

uan 2.0 flow 8

On clicking “APPROVALS”, the screen would appear as below

uan 2.0 flow 9

In the screen, there are pending activities shown.

Against the activities, there are options – View, Approve and Reject.

On clicking on “View”, the screen would appear as below:

uan 2.0 flow 11

On clicking on the “Approve” button, the screen would appear as below:

uan 2.0 flow 12

Please click on OK.

On clicking on the “Reject” button, the screen would appear as below:

uan 2.0 flow 12

Please click on OK to reject the record.

The pending activities can be viewed by clicking on “Pending” button.

uan 2.0 flow 13

The records approved and rejected can be viewed by using buttons “View Approved”, “View

Rejected” and “View All”.

On clicking “View Approved”, the following screen would appear:

uan 2.0 flow 14

On clicking “View Rejected”, the following screen would appear:

uan 2.0 flow 15

On clicking “View All”, the following screen would appear:

uan 2.0 flow 17

On clicking PDF under the column “View”, the pdf file for the record can be viewed as below:

uan 2.0 flow 18

In the above screen, the Activity Type can be selected and the status – Pending, Approved

uan 2.0 flow 19

Rejected- can be known for the selected activity.

uan 2.0 flow 20

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