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Ways we use to improve our company culture

Before I tell you about how to improve your company culture, few words on culture itself.

Culture is often defined as a way of living life. It encompasses a wide range of concepts including beliefs and the accepted norms and behavior.

If we want to recognize culture in the context of a workplace, company culture then reflects what your organization believes and nurtures; how you work, communicate and interact.

Company culture or organizational culture is one of the determinants of failure or success of any organization. Also known as business culture, company culture can be defined as the correct way to behave or act within an organization and embraces both employees and management. As the people in charge of recruiting, training, hiring and firing company staff, HR managers play a significant role in the shaping, changing or reinforcement of company culture.

Their actions can have positive effects on the company culture as discussed in the below section.

  • Reward the people that contribute to your culture

Who are the people in your organization that is making positive contributions to your culture? Identify these people by name and come up with plans to recognize and reward them. When you pursue positive contributions to your company culture, it builds strength. You get more decision making in-line with the core values of your organization. You get better results as people become more committed to your organization and its goals.

Think about the positive impact these specific people are having on your culture. They build your culture every day by how they conduct themselves. Your people are watching when these people get promotions, achieve greater financial success and receive recognition.

  • Create a Pathway for Feedback

One of the most common mistakes of a healthy work environment is lack of opportunity to give the employer feedback. If employees don’t have a pathway, channel, or system in place to voice complaints, then they often vent to one another. This breeds a culture of dissatisfaction, which makes for a toxic workplace.

Providing a service feedback can be as simple as putting a suggestion box in the break room or administering unknown surveys. Regular, timely and constructive feedback is the best way to improve performance, whether that’s the performance of your employees or your company as a whole. Ensure your organizational culture allows everyone to feel comfortable giving both constructive and positive feedback.

  • Encourage flexibility

Regardless of a company’s values, modern employees see flexibility as one of the biggest factors affecting their experience at work, driving retention, engagement and productivity. Reports reflected?70% increase in productivity for companies that have moved to flexible working practices.
If you can offer opportunities to work remotely, consider options for part-time roles or job sharing for dedicated workers who need a break, you will reap the rewards of a more highly-motivated workforce.

  • Cultivate strong co-worker relationships

Having a strong relationship at work drives employee engagement, but it is not achieved automatically. Building strong coworker relationships takes time and effort.

Engagement is the manifestation of strong company culture. In other words, to build a desirable company culture, the better employees understand what is expected of them and what they are working toward. Employees tend to develop the passion and commitment to a company. And then follow a whole bunch of benefits– higher productivity, better customer relations, lower turnover, etc.

  • Handle conflict immediately.

Handling conflict directly, openly and immediately is one of the ways to maintain company culture. When there are issues regarding your team members, remember that every problem shows path to make positive change. Take the approach that everything is a learning opportunity, and work with your employees on how to improve rather than running them into the ground and making them feel worse.

You will have your employees’ loyalty if you support them during hard times. When an employee is performing poorly, there is likely something going on in their personal life, or they don’t have the skills needed for the task at hand. So help your employee resolve conflict as soon as possible to keep your employees happy.

In Plain Sight

Building an outstanding company culture is one of the most rewarding tasks you can take on. The best culture attracts the best workers, improves performance, increases overall retention and lowers costs, just to name a few things.

If designed well, everyone in the business can do his or her job more effectively. Your company culture will significantly be increase if the organizational design you put into place clarifies authority, responsibility, and accountability.

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