Women Safety

Women Safety : How to ensure at organization?

What is women safety?

Women safety is ensured in a society where a woman’s voice is heard. It helps to increase the status of woman. Hence women can be encouraged and motivated. Respect for women at the workplace is reflected when her capabilities and quality of work is admired. After feeling the respect and regard, you demonstrate them by acting in ways that show you are aware of your colleagues as people who deserve respect. Eliminating discrimination and ensuring fairness at work have been at the heart of women’s employed work. Women need to climb up on the professional ladder and the only possibility is getting reservations. There are some simple steps through which women can be encouraged :

1. Enhancement

It is the starting point a women’s progress. When women take their initial or first step using the power of their own will,  they energize their spirit and they show the world that they are ready to move to the next level.

2. Enablement

This step is made possible through the support of their colleague or the good wishers of women. It helps women to boost their energy and accept any challenge that may be encountered on their trip to work.

3. Empowerment

Encouraging women to participate in economic life across all sectors is necessary to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and justifiability, and improve the quality of life for women. Women empowerment strengthens their involvement in the decision-making which is the important key to socio-economic development. However, it is more easily done with a little motivation and encouragement from men or organizations who back them up. It is necessary to empower women so that they can not only support the country but also their family.

4. Involvement

Women are capable to give more output or they can show more energy when they feel that they are getting involved in the work. Women can easily collaborate and capable of boosting themselves when they feel they are useful and capable. This can be achieved when they feel connected.

5. Evolvement

When a woman has decided to take up a work or complete a task there is no force that can stop their willingness. Women always wish to expand their group and spread their goodness. Men can sometimes be competitive and self-focused while women can work in the group and are collaborative.

Laws made for the women safety at Workplace

The government of India has introduced some laws in order to ensure women safety. Some measures have been taken regarding the women safety. Some of them are as follows:

The Factories Act, 1948

The Factories Act is a law that ensures the security, health, safety, welfare, working hours, leave and other benefits. It aims at protecting the workers employed in a company to protect them from any violence or unfair exploitation. Some of the provisions provided to women safety are as follows:

  1. Working hours for women can be between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The State Governments may vary the limits as set out at this point, but in no circumstance will women employees be allowed to work between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m for women safety.
  2. The shift timing of a woman worker cannot be changed except after a weekly holiday or any other holiday. Hence, women employees are given at least a 24-hour notice for their shift timing change.
  3. There are prohibitions for women workers to work in a hazardous occupation, in pressing cotton where a cotton opener is at work, and limits to the maximum permissible load.
  4. There are various other facilities which are required to be given to workers in a factory such as washing and bathing facilities for women, rest-rooms, and canteens.

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

The Maternity Benefit Act was made to bring a uniform code for maternity benefit to women workers across industries.

  1. Every woman is given a benefit of 26 weeks maternity leave by the government. This benefit is provided only for the first two children. In case of third child benefit of 12 weeks is given to women.
  2. An additional benefit of 1-month leave is provided to women when she suffers from illness due to pregnancy, delivery or miscarriage.
  3. If a woman dies during childbirth, the maternity benefit will be given to the day of her death. In the event the child also dies to post the death of the mother, then the benefit should be paid till the date of the death of the child.
  4. The amount of maternity benefit for the period preceding the date of her expected delivery shall be paid in advance, upon the employee showing proof that she is pregnant, and the amount due subsequent to delivery to be paid within 48 hours of the proof shown by the employee that she has delivered.
  5. In the event of the death of the employee due to childbirth, the maternity benefit must be given to the person nominated by the employee, and in the absence of a nominee to her legal heirs.

The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976

The Equal Remuneration Act is made to ensure that there is no discrimination made in the payment of male and female employees. Article 39 of our Constitution have securing policies for equal pay for equal work for both men and women.

  1. Employers shall pay equal remuneration to its male and female employees who are carrying out the same or similar work.
  2. Employers cannot discriminate between men and women while recruiting unless there is a restriction under the law to employ women in certain industries.

Why is women safety an issue in the workplace?

There are certain circumstances when women face certain issues at work. Some of the issues related to women safety are as follows:

Cultural Pressures

Cultural pressure has still remained an issue in a developing country like India. There are still some families who do not support women going to a work alone away from family. Women at some place are forced to do household chores along with their work at the organization. This becomes a great challenge for any working women.

Male dominating professions

There are still many professions that are male dominating which makes the survival of a woman to work in that field a difficult task. Some men still think that women are incapable to handle tasks that require an extra effort. They have to survive from office politics.

Physically lacking strength

Lack of physical strength is still considered a weakness in our society. Core engineering jobs are the areas in which women are considered less important. Due to such conception, women are facing difficulties in such field.

Men versus women issues

There are many people in a society who compare task of men versus women at every stage. But it is still a shame that irrespective of being equally talented there is always discrimination in the eyes of the beholder.

Gender bias

Gender bias is a challenge that many women are facing even in the modern era. Even though the corporate companies are sometimes focusing on gender bias works in the field where it includes the traveling, field work, etc.

Work-life imbalance

Differentiating between personal life and professional career becomes little hard for women. They tend to mix up work commitments with personal priorities and that’s when all the issue starts.

Maternity leaves

Handling mood swings and morning sicknesses without showing a slightest discomfort, travelling to and fro with her baby belly, avoiding office parties and late night meetings as her health may take a toll, listening to her boss’s taunts as she constantly applies check up leaves, maternity leaves etc. are simply too hard for a pregnant woman. Most of the firms have policies where maternity leaves are granted for the first two babies which are appreciable.

Lack of role models

The challenge that a women faces are that there are very few role models for their encouragement. When women look up to men for guidance they feel they are disconnected and disoriented as there is a great difference in their objectivity and style of communication.

Power play

For generations, women have failed to resist the power play that men have played.  Many women leaders have stated strongly that it took them a lot of time and plenty of courage to survive the power play politics and reach their current position in their workplace.

Ego clashes

Men always try to prove their superiority while at work. An alpha male will feel his ego is hurt when he has to report to a women manager.


It is the most threatening issue for women of this era as a result women should learn the art of self-defense. Many organizations have implemented special security services for helping their women employees to get back home at late nights.

Ways to promote Gender Equality at Workplace

Equal payment

There are many organizations that pay less amount to women for the same work as men. Companies should ensure that equal pay for women should be paid as male because women are no longer thought of as the ‘weaker sex’.

Abolition of gender-related stereotypes

Women are same as men in the fields of technology, laws, business, academics, hospital management and philosophy. There should not be a single area that separates women’s task or field from men.

Promotion on basis of exams

Promotion of an employee should not be made on the basis of personality or gender. Many companies have started making promotions on the basis of exams and this is the best way to ensure that equality is maintained.

Placement on basis of credentials

Every woman is now free to decide the field they further want to expand their career. Even when hiring an individual to the company the board should ensure that the gender of the person does not affect their decision at all because this is absolutely unethical.

No special privilege

There should be no privilege given to an employee on the basis of gender. When an individual becomes a part of the company then he or she should be able to do what is expected of him or her without gender being used as an excuse for not getting something done.

Active human resource department

Human resource department needs to ensure that whenever an employee feels insulted or dishonor then she can simply take her objection without any fear. Speedy justice is important because justice delayed is justice denied.

Conducting workshops or seminars at workplace

The best way to support or encourage the equality between men and women is to conduct regular workshops and seminars. Such seminars are not only informative but interesting too.

No special rules based on gender

There should not be any special rules of an organization based on the gender as it may create a difference in the environment. For the employees to work with co-operation there should be one rule for all employees.

Strict policy against gender discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of gender must be eliminated by introducing zero tolerance policy in an organization. No aggressive comments of any kind should be encouraged especially when they are bound to hurt the sensibilities of the person at the receiving end.

Strict punishment for any offenders

Companies should ensure that no employees offend the no tolerance policy and if they do so a strict action should be taken against them. This is a sure shot way of promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Leadership roles should be given on basis of performance

The orthodox belief that only men can lead a group is no longer followed by many organizations. If a person has leadership skills then he or she should be promoted on the basis of their skills.

Should be defined on basis of individuality

Every person should get recognition on the basis of their individuality. No two persons are same so there should not be any decision made on the basis of gender. Every person should be judged individually.

Women should be encouraged to speak forward

Women have proved in many fields that they can act smart and handle the situation if given a chance to speak forward in a group. Most often they are able to come up with exceptional ideas that blow everyone away if given a chance.

Open minded work environment should be created

If the boss himself or herself is biased or favors any one gender then this negative attitude is bound to affect the mindset and thoughts of the other employees in the company. Credits to any individual employee must be given on the basis of performance.

How to maintain gender diversity in the workplace?

Diversity culture should be maintained

To promote the strength of an organization there must be a manager that manages and analyze the diversity in culture. Once the need is analyzed, it becomes easy to plan, implement and monitor the new diversity strategy.

Create an environment to support the culture

The simple key to maintaining a simple cultural diversity is to create an environment that supports and strengthen the culture.  After the definition is defined for diversity in culture, measures should be taken so that employees would perform a day-to-day task in a well-organized manner.

Diversity-focused training sessions should be conducted

In order to make the employee follow the defined gender diversity culture, encourage top-level management to conduct frequent diversity focused training sessions. These helps management to identify employees following the culture and encourage them to develop their skills.

Constant evaluation of progress

We constantly need to evaluate progress in order to ensure that cultural practices are done in right manner. This task can be successfully be completed when the ground rules made for every employee in an organization are same.

Keep the constant report of the employees

Even when the ground rules are defined by the organization, they should be flexible enough to change them under certain circumstances. Being open to employee’s opinion, analyzing them and implementing them can create a stronger diversity in culture.

Tips for women safety at the workplace

Women safety tips make the life of every woman safe and secure. Some of the tips for women safety are as follows:

Awareness of the surrounding

Every woman should know about the practical problems faced at the work. Once you’ve learned these risks, you are able to keep clear of potentially hazardous areas.

Keep correct postures and gestures

The way a woman interacts with the employees makes a difference to personality. Learning about the correct gestures and postures is an important aspect woman should be aware of.

Take regular break

Every human needs a break from work in order to work hard and in a good mood. A woman needs to ensure that she can take regular breaks in order to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Keep emergency exists

Every woman should be aware of the emergency exits provided by the organization for safety purpose. This can be proved useful during a fire or a need for emergency due to harassment.

Report unsafe conditions to the supervisors

The supervisor should be informed in case you notice any unsafe situation. They are legally obligated to ensure their employees have a safe working environment and will take care of the unsafe conditions and make them safe for you and your co-workers.

Stay simple

It is necessary to stay simple instead of showing off as it not only expose your behavior but also the attitude towards the work.

Reduce stress

Stress can lead to depression and concentration problems. Common causes of workplace stress include heavy workload, long hours, conflicts with co-workers and job insecurity or managers. Every woman should find the will to distinguish between their personal problems and their works.

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