Do You Know Which Are The Worst HR Practices?

Worst human resource management systems practices

Everybody talks about practicing the best HR practices, which is a good start but pretty useless if bad practices continue to persist. So what are the top twelve hr practices??

HR practices which need to be eliminated?

1) Failure to hire for fit:-Think about a job that you worked in that didn’t work out. Was it because you didn’t have the skills to do the job, or was it because your values did not align with the organizations? I’m betting most likely it was because you didn’t fit into the culture of the organization. Hire for fit, train for skill, and you should be able to slash costly turnover.

2)Poor interviewing skills:-I recently had a former business owner tell me that he would hire people who volunteered to help him out at the events that his company was working at. These people wound up being “Mr. Right” for right now but turned out to be some of his worst hiring decisions. Learn how to use behavior-based interviewing techniques to assess whether this should be one date or more of a long-term relationship.

3) Tossing people into management based on seniority.:-I’ve heard this story so many times I could repeat it without looking at the script. Employee number five has been in the department longer than anyone else, so this employee is promoted to management. It doesn’t matter that he or she is not interested in managing people or that they don’t have the qualities one usually seeks in a manager. This story never has a happy ending. Either the employees who are saddled with this boss get frustrated and quit, or the manager goes down in flames because they never really stood a chance. Hire or promote people who have the desire and the aptitude for a leadership role.

4)Dropping new employees into their chairs without any training.:-I understand you may be hiring experienced people who should know exactly what to do, but the reality is that work gets done differently in every organization. Have a well-designed onboarding plan to smoothly assimilate employees into your organization and watch productivity of new hires soar!

5) Unable to access the data: Employee is not able to update or can access his/her personal information, unable to check their online attendance or apply for the leave, have no access to get the online salary slip, attendance records, training application.This results in the worst and negative effects on employee and the higher authorities.

6) No proper deliverable:-Lack of deliverable results into the low productivity.If there is not defined job description then it will lead to inefficient results.Due to the absence of JD, it results in poor results, loss of focus and interest.

7) Lack of Training management:- If the training requirement is not known by HR then there would be no opportunity to learn from an employee to grow higher .etc.There is no proper systematic process for the training needs, analyze skills and to conduct the programs accordingly. No opportunity is given to an employee for their career. Results into a waste of time, money and productivity.

8) Tarnish /Rusting of skills and capability: Any employee who work in the same position for long period of time then it makes the people rust and idle in the initial period of time employee works with energetic, new challenges, with new innovation and experience, then after it becomes monotony. So it is necessary to change the role, place, KRA and position over a period of time the boost up the employee with new challenges and work.

9) No chance for the new performer:– It seems that non performer sticks to their old working profile. The worst happens when the non performing manager has to review their subordinates who are professionally competent, high energy new generation freshers. Results due the low performer decrease the productivity and progress of the organization.

10) Retaining performers: Its very important find and remove the non performers from any organization. Or else after identifying the non performer be sure to develop and convert them into a high performer on a particular period of time.

11) No Feedback on time: The biggest drawback is the lack of taking feedback from HRD because employees know their engagement levels at the workplace. They understand what hinders their performance and satisfaction. Unless the management is prepared to receive and analyze their objective feedback, nothing can stem lower productivity and increase disharmony.

12) Technology phobia: Many older employees, even in big organizations, refuse to acknowledge that technology can empower HR staff by providing timely, accurate and quality information for decision making. Often, they feel that IT staff will often they feel that its staff will often to be hired to manage computer-based systems. They need exposure ed to be hired to manage computer-based systems. They need exposure to SaaS technology which will demonstrate how it neither requires elaborate hardware platforms nor software expertise.

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