Attendance Management Guide – Understand Complete Employee Attendance Cycle

attendance management guide

Attendance is generally counting the presence of an employee that shows up for work. Keeping track of the employee’s presence is of utmost importance in calculating their daily work hours spent on projects. To date, various processes have been made to ease the Attendance Process. But you might think about how to choose a system that streamlines your management and fits your needs. Your answer is by defining a flexible policy and adopting an attendance monitoring tool for efficient workforce management. Explore this attendance management guide to solve your all doubts.

What is Attendance?

Attendance is registering an employee’s presence or absence according to their in and out times. An employee’s presence is directly connected to the work hours spend on a specific project or assignment. It shows his/her motivation and decency towards the work.

Every organization devises an attendance policy that fits according to their needs. This policy defines the works hours and shift times an employee is requested to follow. It can include fixed, flexible, and rotational shifts.

Why is Attendance Capturing Important?

Attendance Capturing at the workplace is important as it states the working hours spent by an employee at the office. These working hours help in the actual payroll process at month-end. A good and punctual attitude in work may give you a ladder to a better position. Along with this it also increases productivity and morale. Consistent absenteeism also leads to workplace issues and turns down the morale of the dedicated employees who wants a day off due to exhaustion.

Regular attendance capturing ensures that employees are being noticed and help make them regular towards their work.

What are the methods for capturing attendance?

Till now, certain methods are deployed for capturing attendance from paper-based to entirely cloud-based methods. But when you want your business to upgrade with time, a cloud-based attendance processing system stands out as a boon.

Paper-Based Attendance Muster

Attendance muster is generally a paper-based method where every employee needs to sign at the entrance and exit from the office. This type of muster is updated every month and stored. But this method is very prone to errors, proxy attendance, and attendance thefts. At every month-end manager needs to calculate total hours spent at work, overtime, and payroll. For a large number of employees, this process is thus time-consuming and very prone to human errors.

Excel-Based Sheets

After the limitations of attendance muster, excel sheets for attendance calculation came. It was quite better from the previous one where formulated sheets are used to enter attendance data. Due to human intervention, this method is prone to error, and one needs to double-check every data to confirm it to calculate work hours and finalize salary.

Biometric Integrated Machines and Swipe Cards

Biometric machines capture employee’s attendance through their fingerprints. This method eliminates proxy attendance but requires a lot of money and time to install a biometric device, maintain it, integrate it to a centralized server, and a multiple numbers of devices for every office.

All the limitations of the above methods come to an end when you use an attendance management system that provides time efficiency without any attendance theft and human mistakes.

Cloud-based Attendance Method

Why not invest money in a method that streamlines your management platform and is an effective error-free method? The cloud-based Attendance Method is an efficient time saving and even cost-saving option for you. Rather than invest your productive time in compiling, collecting, and generating presence data for a considerable number of employees, use your time to plan and organize strategical operations that align with your business needs.

To understand the essentials provided by solution, let us first dive through the actual attendance control process.

Complete Guide On How is Attendance Process Carried Out?

Attendance administration carries a lot of functions right from a punch in/out to payroll integration that needs to be accomplished.

Setting up Policy

The attendance policy is configured based on your working hours, time in, time out, overtime availability, early going, late coming calculations, and application approval management. Based on your department, a flexible policy is made that encircles all aspects to calculate work hours. This policy may differ from employee to employee.

Using conventional methods, it becomes necessary to print a whole new policy even if a small change is made. While using software-based, as a part of embracing an HR management software it is easy to input a little change. Also, designing a roster policy is quite easy without creating excel sheets.

Registering Employee

Once you’ve configured the policy, it is required to assign a particular policy to a specific employee and inform them about the updates.

Capturing Attendance

For an organization using paper-based methods, employees need to sign the attendance muster for every time in and time out. With biometric, attendance is captured using fingerprint punch. In comparison, digital attendance monitoring facilitates employees to punch online using their login.

Leave Management


Employees’ time-offs are also considered to calculate attendance. The leave module in HR includes the process of assigning leaves, controlling leave applications, and approving them. While configuring rules of taking leaves, the administration needs to provide a fixed amount of leaves, how to let employees avail those, and who needs to approve these leaves.

Conventional methods of processing leave application consume a considerable amount of time from asking for leave to get it signed by the authorized manager on paper. But a platform minimizes your time here, and processes leave management on a single touch.

Month-end Calculation

Here comes the most challenging part of calculating the total hours for payroll. This calculation includes total hours an employee has worked, leaves taken, and overtime calculation. This area is most prone to mistakes for a human count. The manager needs to double-check every detail to confirm the rightfulness of payroll. Thus we can assume how much time consuming this can be.


After calculating attendance, department wise monthly reports indicating the time in, time out, worked hours, overtime hours, missed attendance, and the corresponding salary is finalized.

Let us now dig a little deeper and find out the functionalities of the cloud-based attendance solution.

What are the characteristics of a cloud-based attendance method?

There are a variety of characteristics offered by the cloud-based Attendance method. With these functions, you can guarantee a more straightforward and faster attendance capturing without wasting time in old-fashioned ways. Here is a list of those characteristics.

attendance management Characteristics

Employee Self Service portal

ESS is a very exceptional feature for the HR attendance system. With their Employee Self Service portal login, employees can access the attendance details, verify for missed punch, and apply online for regularization and leave management.

Online Punch

The platform allows employees to punch online through their login every time they enter and leave the office. This feature is accessible to every department and controllable from the main centralized server.

Attendance Regularization

If somehow the employee forgets to punch, the attendance regularization feature helps to apply for the same. This feature shows monthly time in and time out along with holidays, leaves, and missed punch. Employees can apply for regularization with reason through the same option.

Device Integration

Suppose you are using any biometric device or card scanner to register attendance. In that case, it can be integrated with the digital solution to regulate and store attendance data to the centralized cloud server directly. As data is directly stored in the system, time consumption for calculation and errors can be eliminated, giving you a smooth payroll transaction.

Attendance-Payroll Integration

If your payroll is integrated into your mobility solution, there is no need to perform calculations for work hours, overtime compensation, and leave management. Payroll will directly fetch attendance information and processes an error-free and streamlined payment.

Approval System

You can directly manage your approval system through attendance policy configuration. The authorized person can directly handle requests and applications through the ESS portal. It brings efficient management of applications without wasting much time in approving. On the generation of any application, the system notifies the approving manager. Employees can check the status of applications from mail and system notification.


Attendance management solution generates an inbuilt report according to your needs. These reports may include in/out punches, monthly attendance summary, working hours’ detail, so you don’t need to calculate, overtime and compensation reports, and many others to save you time for essential productive work.

How To Choose Attendance Guide?

There are many attendance solutions with outstanding functionalities but choosing a perfect one that fits your business needs is another challenge. Here are some of the characteristics that your digital solution must ensure

Automatic Environment

Digital attendance management must guarantee flexible and automatic processing right from attendance capturing to payroll calculation. Once configuring the policy, the system must function accordingly.


Some of the solutions comes inbuilt with the HR human resource solution. However, you can buy modules according to your need on a subscription basis. Your platform provider must ensure a flexible subscription without any drawbacks.


A centralized platform can control the data of different departments right through one server. The head manager can manage all the ongoing processes and make regulatory changes throughout the office.

Mobile Support

Modern solution comes with an attendance app facility that enables attendance regularization and approval at your hands. Like ESS login, you can access it and enjoy the same features with the same efficacy as the platform. Employees can apply for attendance regularization on the go and notice the application approval. Even managers with their login can update the application through mobile with a single touch.

What are the advanced features that enhances your management?

advanced features that enhances your management

Developing according to the new generation and adapting more modern technologies is a must to survive in the business world, as everyone says. The attendance management integrated with the payroll software on cloud is getting modernized and upgraded with new features. These advanced features can help you enhance your attendance management.

Attendance using Face Recognition

When an employee is punching online during work from home, it might not be necessary that the right person is punching. To know if the same person is punching, face recognition, or say selfie punch is introduced. Simultaneously, along with punch, the employee’s selfie is also captured for precise authentication.

Employee Tracking

Consider your employee is on a client meeting out of state, and you need to know his/her location to keep track of the visits. Geo tracking attendance enables employee tracking for each location visit via GPS points. It can be used for eliminating location and time thefts.

A Fence Around the Office

Giving online punch access to employees may result in marking attendance from outside office. But with the Geo-Fencing facility, you can mark a fence around your office to authenticate attendance. Employees can be allowed to punch in/out within this boundary only, eliminating location theft.

Thus deploying a mobile app that saves you time and processes offering an efficient and error-free month-end calculation is something to adopt.

Stats That Highlight The Need To Embrace Technology For Attendance Management

  • 38% of employers dread the use of either punch cards or paper timesheets.
  • More than 88% of the top-rated companies have embraced the automation of their attendance recording to enable the authenticity of the attendance data.
  • 84% of the HR managers cited that implementing any form of technology to manage attendance is the best part of their workforce management strategy.
  • Organizations have saved around $1600 per employee after they have invested in automated and online software.
  • It is found that businesses that implement automated platforms for managing employees’ time, presence, and salary calculation are 44% less likely to make any errors.
  • The global market of tracking software will reach to around $1785.36 billions by the year 2026.

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