ECR 2.0 – Introduction

ECR 2.0 – Introduction

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is in the process of implementing the next version of UAN i.e., UAN 2.0, whereby the Universal Account Number of an EPF member is to be obtained/linked with their present employer before filing the Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).

The existing version of the Electronic Challan cum Return was with 25 data fields and now in ‘Electronic Challan cum Return 2.0’ its reduced to 11 data fields. The employer can file the monthly EPF returns only after generating the UAN numbers with the updated KYC against each UAN numbers. Separate ECR for ‘Arrears’ is to be generated. This ECR will cover only employees with arrear payments with 8 data fields.  

Till now EPFO has asked for PF wages, now employer needs to declare employees monthly ‘Gross Salary’ in this new Electronic Challan cum Return 2.0. Before filing the monthly ECR, you can now download the Blank Electronic Challan cum Return file complete with the UAN numbers and name, eliminating the need to enter the UAN details again for the preparation of the Electronic Challan cum Return file. This will also be available for the Arrears file.

The existing ECR was available online for payment for 12 days after which it lapsed. In the new version, it will not lapse and you can make the payment after uploading the same through the online payment link. However, for the delay beyond the due date, the applicable rules on Damages and Interest will apply.