Employee Enrollment Campaign – FAQs

Employee Enrollment Campaign, 2017 – FAQs

Govt. has amended PF Scheme 1952 to launch ‘Employees Enrollment Campaign, 2017 during 1 Jan. 2017 to 31 Mar. 2017 to enroll eligible members who remained uncovered during 1 Apr. 2009 to 31 Dec. 2016 for any reason. Also, the EPFO has prescribed Declaration Form for Employers for Enrollment of Members under the Campaign. Salient features of the Employees’ Enrollment Campaign are as follows:

(i) The employee’s share of contribution if declared by the employer as not deducted, shall stand waived.

(ii) The damages to be paid by the employer in respect of the employees for whom a declaration has been made under this campaign shall be at the rate of Rupee 1(one) per annum.

(iii) No administrative charges shall be collected from the employer in respect of the contribution made under the declaration.

(iv) A declaration can be made under the Campaign for the period for which no inquiry under section 7A has been initiated.

(v) If the employer fails to pay within 15 days of the date of making the declaration, the dues, interest and damages payable by him in respect of the declaration made under this campaign, such declaration shall be deemed to have not been made under this campaign.