ESIC – Form 19

ESIC – Form 19

ESIC form 19 for maternity claim is also known as the claim for maternity and notice of work. As we all know as per maternity benefits act 1961 every insured woman will get 26 weeks of maternity leaves during pregnancy time earlier it was only 12 weeks i.e employer needs to pay salary to the insured woman in these days. An additional benefit of 1-month leave is provided to women when she suffers from illness due to pregnancy, delivery or miscarriage.

In the event of the death of the employee due to childbirth, the maternity benefit must be given to the person nominated by the employee, and in the absence of a nominee to her legal heirs. If a woman dies during childbirth, the maternity benefit will be given to the day of her death. In the event the child also dies to post the death of the mother, then the benefit should be paid till the date of the death of the child.

ESIC claim form 19 has to be submitted to the employer by the insured pregnant woman in order to claim payment of maternity benefits. ESIC form 19 is required to claim maternity benefits of employees under Employee State Insurance Corporation regulations 88, 89 and 91. Along with ESIC maternity claim form 19, the insured woman needs to submit ESIC self-declaration form related to maternity.

On ESIC claim form 19 insured woman need to mention the exact dates she is availing maternity leaves. ESIC maternity claim form consists details like name of the insured woman, ESIC IP number, the address of the pregnant woman, working department of the insured woman and present employer name. The insured woman is not eligible to claim any leave encashment while availing maternity benefits. Any false representation of ESIC claim form leads to a fine of Rs. 2000