ESIC – Form 7A & Form 37

ESIC – Form 7A & Form 37

ESIC form 37 is also known as a certificate of continuing employment or re-employment. In order to continue contributing in ESIC at the time of rejoining a new organization, 78 days contribution in ESIC is required. ESIC form 7A is required to make an application for acceptance of medical treatment.

Only one ESI number is given to an employee in his entire life, but most of employees and employers are not aware of this. In such cases, if an employee forgets to inform the employer, he might create another ESI number of that particular employee.

This leads to the creation of new ESI number. In such cases, they again have to pay ESIC contribution to the old ESIC number and they have to transfer contribution from duplicate ESIC IP number to old ESIC number i.e original ESIC number which the employee got in his or her previous organization.

In the ESI Form 37, only 4 requirements are there, these are

  • Name & Address along with ESI Code of the Employer.
  • Insurance number and Name of employee.
  • Declaring start date of current contribution period and date of re-employment/re-entering the insurable employment of the employee.

Declaration of payment for not less than of half of the No.of days worked during the last half-yearly return which ended on 31st March or 30th September.