ESIC – Form 9

ESIC – Form 9

If you want to know how to fill ESIC form 9, then you are at right place. Here you can have complete details about how to fill ESIC Form 9, and you can also download ESIC Form 9. This form will be used to claim sickness benefits, temporary disablement benefits and maternity benefits.

This is a benefit given to employees by the government of India. Such facilities are included by the government to improve the health, progress and performance of an employee.

But before submitting ESIC Form 9 employee should note following points:

  • If any employee misrepresents this form,then they may get Imprisonment for 6 months or INR 2000 fine, and in some cases, both punishments will be given to such employees.
  • ESIC Form 9 should be submitted to respective ESIC office without any delay.
  • The insured person must collect the final acknowledgement before resuming to his job.