Gratuity – Form K

Gratuity – Form K

What happens to your gratuity amount after your accidental or natural death? Is there any form available to complete this procedure? Form-K is available if there is no nomination for the gratuity amount.

Some of the necessary particulars needed to claim the amount are:

  1. Name of applicant legal heir.
  2. Applicant’s address in full.
  3. Applicant’s marital status (unmarried/married/widow/widower)
  4. Full name of the employee.
  5. Applicant’s relationship with the employee.
  6. Applicant’s as well as employee’s religion.
  7. Total period of service and date of appointment of the employee.
  8. Employee’s last working department/branch/section.
  9. Post last held by the employee with Ticket or Serial number, if any.
  10. Total wages last drawn by the employee.
  11. Date and cause of termination of service of the employee (death or otherwise).
  12. The date no which employee died and evidence/witness in support thereof.
  13. Total gratuity amount payable to the employee.
  14. Total percentage of the gratuity claimed.
  15. Basis of the claim and evidence/witness in support thereof.