A questionnaire is the most important part of the survey process and requires attention to detail. Designing an effective HR questionnaire is important if you want to gather employee opinions on issues like job satisfaction, management effectiveness, pay and benefits.

When you provide a way for employees and human resource specialists to express their opinions, you’ll get feedback that will help you make decisions toward improving your hiring, managing, and retention policies. Ask your workforce about benefits, leadership, facilities, and job satisfaction to get insight on team morale, management effectiveness, and recruiting methods.

Use any of human resource survey examples, or get creative and customize one to fit your specific needs.  Surveys are a great way to get in-depth, candid, and targeted information so you can make your workplace more positive and productive.

HR questionnaire templates help you to gather information about the performance of your teams, management, departments, and employees. Offer questions like, “How well does your team work with clients?” and, “How well do the members of your department communicate with each other?” to better understand individual and team dynamics, and how they affect performance in multiple situations.

Sometimes you just need to check how employees feel about their job and the organization as a whole. Changes in policies, management, or benefits can mean the difference between happy, productive employees and a high turnover rate. A mixture of questions such as, “In a typical week, how often do you feel stressed at work?” and, “Do you like your employer, neither like nor dislike them, or dislike them?” can go a long way toward determining the general morale of your workplace.