Interview Lineups Report

Interview Lineups Report

To hire and promote the best, you need a process that consistently identifies the best candidates. For this, you required interview lineup report which represents the results shed light on how the candidate thinks and if they’ll make sound decisions in roles requiring objective interpretation and careful analysis of information and differing viewpoints.

Interview reports are summaries presented to human resources and your bosses, explaining the virtues of the people you interview for positions. You include important work and personal information on these reports, which provide a broad-level assessment of the person and her potential fit with your group. Since everyone you report to can’t sit in on the interview at the same time, write the report in a way that quickly gives these people a chance to get to know the person you interviewed.

Interview lineup report relates to the candidate’s professional experience to the position and how her experience dovetails with what your company’s trying to accomplish. This should also include information on how the candidate expects her qualifications and notable achievements to mesh with the new position.

In the report, you need to provide your final assessment of the person you interviewed and make a recommendation as to whether this person constitutes a fit with your organization. In many cases you’re the only one conducting the interview, so your subjective observations regarding body language, confidence, apparent level of intelligence, and the degree to which the candidate seems worthy for the position in general carries significant weight.