Job Confirmation Email

Job Confirmation Email

A letter of acceptance should be completely formal. You could use this as an opportunity to document some of the crucial points about the job like the job title, remuneration, and other benefits. You might not need it documented in the future but it is always better to have it documented when joining a new company. Keep your acceptance letter brief, to the point and most importantly professional.

When you accept an offer over an email, it should be composed of three parts. It should:


Your job confirmation email should show gratitude to the offer organization has sent you. You should start by thanking the employer for the opportunity and then telling them that you look forward to work with them.


On confirmation, you write an acceptance line stating the position, the discussed salary, date of joining and the department.


Every letter demands a good closing. A good closing expresses your enthusiasm towards the job. You can use the closing paragraph to add some information that you have not used in the past or answer any key queries that the company has put forward.

The job confirmation email should be sent to the hiring manager or the HR of the organization and you should save a draft for future references.