Offer Letter

Offer Letter

A job offer is an invitation for a potential employee, whether he or she has applied for a job, or not, to become an employee in your organization. The job offer contains the details of your employment offer.

A job offer letter is a formal written document sent by an employer to a job candidate selected for employment.

The letter confirms the details of the offer of employment: this may include the job description, salary, benefits, and the date employment begins.

A job offer letter generally comes via email or may be delivered in-person upon the completion of a successful second interview, though job offers can be extended over the phone, too. However, it’s important to obtain the employment terms of written terms as well.

A job offer letter allows you to itemize the facts about the offer, outline the job’s responsibilities and highlight relevant details about the company. In the event that the candidate requests to negotiate issues like salary or vacation, the job offer letter serves as the critical reference point. If the candidate accepts the offer, the letter serves to promote communication and to help orient the new employee to the business environment before they actually start their first day of work.