Remote Work Policy


What is the Remote Working Policy?

The Remote work policy is designed to state what is expected from employees while working from a remote location. It says who can work remotely, the configuration of capturing employees’ presence while working, the number of working hours, and cybersecurity requirements. This policy may be temporary or permanent. This policy ensures maximum flexibility to continue working under critical situations like an infection spreading, illness, maternity, or other related cases in compliance with the statutory benefits. The Remote Work Policy template that we have designed encircles different features to be included along with maintaining the regulatory compliance.

In This Policy, You Will Get:

  • The main purpose of this policy is to provide the directions to assist the employee to work from a location other than the office premises.

  • This policy can be a temporary or a permanent agreement based on the circumstances.

  • The responsibility of the employee includes confidentiality and security of data and better representation of the company in meetings

  • The HR can grant the approval of the employee’s application to work from home if :

    • The employee is visiting the family or his birthplace due to any personal reasons

    • The employee is a new parent or are disabled for a short/long period of time or

    • Employees are relocating.

  • It is the responsibility of both the superior and the employee to maintain a healthy communication regarding the work being undertaken and avoid ghosting.

  • It is the responsibility of the employee to take due care of equipment provided to him by the company.

  • The compensation to such employees would be paid monthly.

  • Such agreement about work from home can be terminated by a written notice from both the parties.

Use our Remote work policy template to accelerate your HR digitization even in the remote mode.