UAN 2.0 – FAQs

UAN 2.0 – FAQs

UAN is a number given to each EPF members. This number does not change with the change of job. It remains same throughout the life. All the EPF account number gets linked to the UAN. Here is the UAN 2.0 – FAQs which will help you more for the better understanding.

The rules of the universal account number are going to change. EPFO is working on the next version of UAN. The new version of UAN would have strict rules. The new rules of UAN would resolve many problems of EPF members. The EPFO is working hard to streamline the EPF scheme. Crores of employees are facing difficulties because of the EPF anomalies.

The new rules of UAN are focused to reduce the personal detail mismatch. The error is employee details is the biggest hurdle of EPF transfer and withdrawal. The employee can’t transfer or withdraw EPF balance because of the error in name, Date of birth or father’s name. The EPFO does not process the EPF transfer or withdrawal application if there is an anomaly in the personal details of the employee.

According to new rules, the EPFO would not accept any contribution without the UAN. The UAN would be mandatory in the ECR. ECR is the Electronic challan-cum-return receipt. It is used to deposit contribution of an employee.

The employer has to generate the UAN for the first time members of EPF scheme. Presently, the employer generates the UAN after the submission of the first contribution. Many employers don’t generate UAN even after many contributions.

If an existing EPF member joins the new employment, the new employer must use the existing UAN of the employee. This UAN should be used in the ECR. This way the existing UAN gets linked to the new EPF account.