Contact-less Face Based Attendance System

Ensure employee’s safety with factoHR touch less face-based attendance system and prevent the risk of surface contamination

Touch-less Attendance

No need to touch to mark punch. With factoHR, employees can mark their attendance just by standing in front of a mobile or tablet.

Liveliness Detection

Prevent proxies or fake punches through images. With inbuilt liveliness detection, you can ensure the system will accept only the real person’s attendance.

Kiosk Mode

factoHR comes with a separate admin mobile app that can work as a standalone kiosk. In factoHR, employee’s face and location will be captured with each punch to ensure the employee punch from designated areas only.

No Hardware Required

With factoHR, you can get rid of bio-metric machines altogether. You can ask employees or their supervisors to install the factoHR app, and they can mark punch just by scanning faces.

Quick Onboarding

Don’t need to go in a lengthy onboarding process. Just need to scan employee face once, and onboarding is done. Now employee face will be automatically recognized, and punch will be marked.

Employee Restriction

You can assign employees to a specific device or their supervisor so that employee punch can be marked through that device or by the assigned supervisor only.

Comprehensive Attendance System

factoHR comes with full-fledge attendance system that allows you to configure and implement all types of attendance, shift, and roster policies, so you don’t need to rely on untested third-party applications or unreliable integrations.

Some of our clients

Video Testimonial

Dr. Adit Gupta

Director of MIER

Fatema Merchant

HR of Mirraw Online Service

Pooja Dadhaniya

HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics
Mahendra Tawde
Senior GM (Head-HR) of BSE

Mahendra Tawde who is the Senior GM(Head HR) at BSE appreciated the knowledge of FactoHR team and our domain expertise. Also, he said BSE is extremely satisfied with our professional services and the flexibility to meet their specific payroll needs. He wished us the best in this area and strongly recommended factoHR to all of our future prospective clients.

Pooja Dadhaniya
HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics

HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics, Pooja Dadhaniya expressed her warm approval towards FactoHR by stating that the salary process for their 270+ employees is made much easier and much more faster as now she process salary in just 2-3 hours.

Next Gen Mobile App for Next Gen Workforce

Punch with selfie location

Allow employees to work from home, still maintaining attendance with accuracy.


Simplify HR tasks for employees with interactive ESS chatbot.

Investment declaration with regime selection

Allow employees to select regime and upload their investment proofs.

Document sharing

Share documents, policy, and many more with the employees on their device directly.

Employee self-services

Employees can download payslip, check and apply leave, travel requests, and book expenses directly from their mobile.

Support ticketing

An employee can raise their concern or query to HR and get responses from their mobile device.

Unmatched Exclusive Features

Geo fencing

Create a virtual boundary around any location and allow employee to punch within that virtual boundary.

Geo tracking

Track employee location along with distance counting that helps you to manage onsite employee eciently


From getting payslip, checking leave balance, and applying leave, employees can use factobot to complete their task conversationally and engagingly.

Face recognition

With a cutting-edge AI-enabled face recognition system, you can ensure 100% touchless attendance to avoid surface contamination.

Mobile apps

Modern-day workforce requires modern-day tools. factoHR provides modern, powerful, and natively build a mobile app to empower employees and boost productivity.

Connected banking

No need to login into the bank portal to make the salary payment. With ICICI connected banking, you can make salary payments directly from factoHR platform.