Simplify Payroll Processing with factoHR Direct Credit

Now you can Integrate factoHR with ICICI Connected Banking to Credit Employee’s Salary in a seamless way.

Know more about the integration

How integration Adds Value?

Direct Remuneration

Simplify your payouts by processing the salary directly from the factoHR’s software with the integration to ICICI corporate banking account

Authenticate with OTP

Ensure the authentication of the administrator when processing the salary every time

Transaction Query and Auto-Reconciliation

Keep track of the transaction’s status along with the minute details

Benefits of Integration

  • Automate payroll processing and eliminate human errors.
  • Have a zero balance ICICI current account.
  • No more hassle of manual upload/download of the payment instruction file.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of the employees’ data with end to end encryption.
  • Credit the salary to the employees account instantly.
  • Ensure authorization by giving access to the concerned person.
  • Auto-Reconciliation to ensure adequate payouts as per the employee’s salary.

How to Set up Connected Banking?

How Direct Salary Credit Works?

Finalize the payroll amount
Initialize the payment from the bank transfer tab
Click on pay now to process the payout
Enter OTP
Check for the payout details from transaction query