HRMS Employee Onboarding

Employees are an asset to an organization. When you do right onboarding for the employees with help of factoHR, you can be ensured that with best business practices in place, they will be completely engaged employees along with performing the task at their best in no time for your organization.

Increase your Employee Productivity and Improve your Employee Engagement with Onboarding

Improve your process efficiency and do correct statutory compliance

Faster time to employee contribution

Better employee engagement and performance

Letter writing module

Letter Writing Module

factoHR offers you dynamic letter writing module which will help you to define various letter for your business needs. Whether it is Offer letter, Welcome letter, Appointment letter or Standard Reply to compliance, any type of letter can be generated on a fly once the template is defined.

This module can be linked with Employee Enrollment & Talent Management Module. It can also be linked to Goal Setting and Performance management which will empower employee’s work on their goal as soon as onboarding is done. You can define your own workflow for this module as well.

Document Management Program

Once your employee comes onboard and submits his personal document you can use factoHR’s document management module, which can help you to store and track all important documents of your employee and your organization.

It ensures to keep right compliance by getting an alert on email and SMS well in advance before expiry date by keeping track of no. of documents expiring in between the selected period.

You can also store/search/print different kind of documents like Passport, Visa, Driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card and also all qualification proof your employee for record purpose.

Document management Program
Asset Assignment to Employee

Asset Assignment to Employee

Another import aspect of factoHR’s onboarding is employee’s asset allocation module, where you can assign various assets to your employees like mobile, laptop, vehicle etc. So you can track which asset is available with which employee, which assets are not allocated and which are the asset that you need to take back when an employee leaves the organization.

You can also get various MIS by Asset by Employee, Asset expiry report and Stock report which help to keep your Asset register up to date.

Housing Scheme

Housing Scheme module plays a key role at the time of onboarding process, if your organization provides housing facility to your employees.

It tracks which employee is allocated which house and also gives MIS of no. of pending house available, an employee who is eligible for house and is still not allocated and also the complete detail of house like its type, area, address, furniture available etc. So you have all information available in one place.

And same like Asset Assignment this module can also be taken to Exit Management so you can know which house key to be taken back once an employee leaves the organization.

Housing Scheme

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