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FactoHR’s Human Resource Management Software

We have developed platform to manage HR with an expertise and domain experience of more that 18 years. On our platform we provide end to end solution to manage all HR task like On-boarding, HRIS, Payroll, Leave , Attendance, Employee Expense Management, Goal Setting, KRA and KPIs.

Why factoHR’s HR Software is best choices for any Indian company?

With help of factoHR you can put system in place and convert chaotic HR process to smooth, friction-less and efficient business processes. factoHR is HR platform of choice for any progressive thinking company in India. It has been trusted by more than hundred companies across Industries.

What we offer in factoHR’s HR Software?

factoHR is easy but powerful HR Software in India for all size and kind of companies. You can manage on-boarding, employee data, loan – advances, leave, payroll, travel expense with a single point cloud-based solution can be accessed from everywhere at any point of time.

Lets view some of silent features of factoHR’s HR modules:

Self On-Boarding

Efficient Process

With self-onboarding, employee are filling out forms, required statutory data by themselves so HR’s work load reduced and increase process efficiency.

Gather All Info

You can configure what employee information are mandatory and what are optional. Collect optimally required information from employees.


Information entered by employee will be forwarded to HR to check and verify before posting permanent on database. You can also configure approval workflow as per your requirement

Start With Minimum

factoHR enables you to onboard employee with minimum information. To enable self on-boarding for employee you just need to enter code, name and email.Other information can be provided by employee in self on boarding


Your employee and their manager will be auto reminded to complete their on-boarding process on time. System is flexible to configure reminder frequency and structure.

Core HR

Central Employee Information

With centralized employee information you can manage, update or retrieve data in a quick and easy way.

Track Employee Life-cycle

Keep an eye on the all employee information from hiring till exit at one place.

Employee Data History

Keep the log file of changes made in the employee information with effective date and name of changer.

Unlimited Category

Define as many categories as you like for your employee’s categorization and sub categorization.

Explore Employee Data

With unique search module you can find, update or retrieve relevant employee data in fast and easy way.



Monitor overall HR activities and critical information regarding HR and Payroll tasks from single window. 

Statutory Information

Store statutory information like Aadhaar card, PAN number, PF number, UAN number of any employees securely.

Salary Information

Manage employee salary details with effective date. you can also create and assign multiple incomes & deductions heads to employee by category.

Document Management

Now you can easily save, manage and share common or personal documents with employees.

Asset Management

Manage all assets assigned to your employees and get reminded to collect back without fail when they exit or transfer to organization.


Easy Payroll Processing

With three step payroll process wizard you can complete payroll in hours instead of days.

Configurable Work-flow

You can easily configure the desired payroll process workflow according to your policy.

Statutory Compliance

Generate employee salary with respect to attendance, increment, overtime, and appraisal so that calculation can be done with lead wise and for all or desired employees.

Arrear Calculation

You can change in payroll data after finalizing payroll and calculate payroll with retrospective date.System will automatic reconcile and post only difference amount as payable.


System will provide you extensive payroll reporting like reconciliation report, salary register, consolidate register, final settlement report, fixed pay report and bank funding file.


Workforce Scheduling

You can create and assign multiple shift and work schedule for each category and type of employee.

Time Tracking

Register and track in out timings, break timings and non working hours of employee to align you hr policy.

Attendance Monitoring

You can monitor employee’s attendance to validate your hr policy is adequate to overcome time theft.


With smart phone in hand you can enable employee to mark their attendance with device at specific location bounded by virtual perimeter.

Biometric device Integration

Our attendance module can be integrated with wide range of bio-metric machine to auto capture attendance.


Configurable Policies

Make leave policy work according to your company by configuring as per your requirements.

Approval Flow

Easily define a multi-level workflow for approving the leaves in respect to diverse approvals.


As per the company’s budget employees are allowed a certain amount of leaves to be enchashed considering it in income tax, & timely payments which can be monthly or yearly.

Leave Balance

Our system automatically manages an employee’s leave balance and will consider a deduction from payment if the leave balance is null when he applies for a leave.

Mobile Application

Apply leave from your mobile device and get your manger notified regarding the application for approving the same.

Expense Management

Policy Check

FactoHr’s Expense Software will be checking the claims which are submitted as per policy and only accept if they comply with the policy.

Smart Receipt

Highly intelligent OCR based functions to auto-fill your entire claim forms with amounts and tax details.


This feature helps you to track the amount of money an employee has spent, is payable or already paid and the rest of which is remaining to be reimbursed to the individual.

Expense Control

Validate the limit of expenditure which an employee can claim so that he/she can not do more expenditure than predefined limits.


Define multiple level of claim approval to overcome the personal biases of approving manager.

Mobile App

HR Task

Our mobile application enables your employee to carry out all the HR related daily tasks right from their cellular devices.


Conveniently view and edit your profile to ensure that all the details are feed correctly in the system.


Easily notify your employees regarding all the concerned events or on application status change.

Document Sharing

Our system will let you share the documents with the employee through PlugMe.

IOS & Android

All your employees devices are covered as we provide application on both iOS and Android platform.

Performance Management System


For bringing the best in your employee create an environment of racing towards efficiency.

Goal Setting

Create individual and departmental goals to align employees performance with your organization’s goal.

Employee Feedback

Get employees reviews in order to solve their queries for increasing their work productivity.

Employee Review

Get review of employee from their subordinates to identify leadership quality in them.


Monitor an employees performance and make appraisal objectively according to performance report.

Our Unique Offerings

Awesome features for making a productive organization
AI Powered Chatbot

Now get your employees queries handled by our factoBot, it assist employees in downloading payslips, applying attendance, leave balance checking & many more.

Attendance with Geo-Fence

Track your employee’s attendance through geo-fencing your offices and restricting them to punch from a specified company area.

Track Field Staff

Efficiently monitor and track the location of your field resources on a daily basis.

Smart Receipts

Capture your receipts digitally and let system fill the claim application to speed up claim process.

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