ICICI Bank Integration Help

FactoHR has developed Bank Integration Registration by connecting with ICICI bank which is a leading private sector bank in India. It allows to Integrate ICICI bank account with FactoHR by which you can make salary payments directly through FactoHR. Additionally you can keep record and track all transactions and it’s status in detail. It’s pretty easy to integrate your ICICI bank account with FactoHR and it’s explained in brief below. Let’s get started with Purpose and benefits of the same. After that we will brief you about the process of integration step by step.

Purpose : Integrate Corporate Banking with FactoHR system for salary transaction.

  • Direct Salary Payouts: Process the payroll on FactoHR system and directly pay salary through FactoHR PayNow functionality.
  • OTP Based Transaction: Every transaction will authenticate with OTP.
  • Transaction History: Track all the transaction details easily through FactoHR system.

Steps for Banking Configuration with FactoHR

    • Use Bank Integration Registration to connect with Corporate Banking.
    • Log into Corporate Banking Account for approve request to integrate with FactoHR system.
    • Start processing salary payment directly through Paynow Functionality of FactoHR system.

Register with Bank Integration Registration

NOTE : Login with user who has access to company information screen.

There are two following ways to go for Bank Integration Register page.

By Clicking on Bank Integration Registration icon highlighted on below-attached screen-shot

It will display following box titled as ICICI Bank Registration

Click on More Settings > Company Configuration > Company Information

Now click on Company Bank Detail tab last to the right and click on Bank Integration Registration. Both are highlighted on attached screen-shot below

Once you click on Bank Integration Registration button it will display pop-up window as below screen-shot.

  • Bank Type: This field will display the list of Banks for configuration.
  • Corporate Id: This is client id in CIB.
  • Bank User Id: This is user id under client id in CIB.
  • Bank User Alias Id: If user created login id before registration than user need to pass this parameter in Registration API.
  • Debit Account No:dd debit account number from which money need to deduct. Also you can add multiple account number in single Corporate ID and User Id.
  • Register / Add Account No: To register new user and also add new account number.

If user is already register then he can add another debit account number a to registered corporate id and user id.

Click on OK button will redirect to CIB Approval portal.

After Login, approval request will show on home page for reference find attached screen-shot

Click on Approve button to register and you will be able to check request summary.

Click on Done button.

  • De-Register: To de-register existing user.

Select Bank Type and enter Corporate Id and User Id then click on De-Register button, highlighted on attached screen-shot

After filling details you click on De-Register, it will give you confirmation by pop-up that De-Registered successfully

  • Registration Status: To manually check status of registration approval.

Select Bank Type and enter Corporate Id and User Id then click on Registration Status button.

  • If not approve then Status will be Pending for Self Approval otherwise Registered.
  • Open Account: Link to open new account in ICICI.
  • Approve Account: Link to approve corporate id to approve integration with FactoHr system.

Now open Bank Transfer screen

It will look as below

It will look as below

  • Select appropriate options and click on generate button.
  • Generated report contains list of employees which are eligible for bank transfer.
  • Click on Pay Now button it will open pop-up as shown below.

  • Bank Type: This field will display the list of Banks for configuration.
  • Debit Account Number: List of debit accounts which are registered in factoHR systems. Based on debit account number Corporate Id, User Id and URN will be selected.
  • Total No Of Employees: Number of employees which are selected based on report filteration.
  • Total Amount: Total amount of salaries of employees which are selected based on report filteration.
  • Remarks:Remarks for Payment Transaction.(Not mandatory)
  • Set All Transaction Type To: Set same transaction type for all employees.
  • Transaction Type Info: It contains information regarding transaction type which is valid as per salary amount, day of week and day timing.

Submit: Submit will Call Generate OTP first and then show pop up for asking to enter OTP as below.

After entering OTP and click on submit will initiate transaction process.

  • After transaction is completed we can check transaction status in Transaction Inquiry page.
  • Transaction Inquiry: Transaction inquiry page is available to download report of transaction status.
  • Click on Payroll in main menu then click on Transaction Inquiry to open the page.

It will open Transaction Inquiry page as below screen shot.

Select appropriate options and click on generate button to download report.

Check Status: To manually check the transaction status of particular employee. Upon clicking on Check Status button it will open pop-up as below screen shot

  • Generated report will contains Request Id of bank transaction done by system
  • Enter Request Id and click on Submit button to check the status of transaction.