Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System involves everything that has to do with the managing employees, calculating salary of an employee, payment of salary to the complaint with the government.factoHR payroll management system is very simple and easy to use. Because of ease of use, flexibility and scalability of it, factoHR can be customized as per your business need.

factoHR Payroll Management System is a fully integrated one stop solution. In simple words, it simplifies the end to end payroll processing. It deals with the aspects of employee’s salary, allowances such as DA, HRA, conveyance, LTA, overtime, incentive, etc., deductions such as the loan, income tax, PF, ESIC, Professional tax, etc., gross pay, net pay and generation of pay-slips for a specific period. you can generate all types of statutory returns and reports which will help you to comply with statutory authorities.

attendance payroll management system

Automatic and accurate attendance management system

factoHR attendance management system makes employee punctual and self-aware about their timing and work hours in your company. It helps you track employee activities within an organization accurately.

factoHR payroll attendance management system helps you to atomize daily attendance activities like recording attendance, keep a record of late coming, overtime etc. by integrating it with any attendance device available in the market.

factoHR attendance management system allows you to configure your entire attendance policy like define various shifts, shift’s policies, assign shift employee’s category wise with in single system.

Now no more painful pre payroll days, with factoHR you can get calculated and complied attendance data any time any where and enables you to focus on your core business area.

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Most flexible and workflow based leave management system

factoHR leave management system give flexibility to the user to define leave types, leave policies and rules like week off, paid holidays, sandwich leaves, rotational leaves, define leave an opening, leave accrual rules.

factoHR’s true flexibility come where you can define leave workflow. For each leave type base on certain criteria like when an employee can apply leave, Define approver hierarchy, which leaves type will be auto approved etc. Even you can go to the last mile to configure leave workflows as per your business requirement.

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leave management system
Employee self services

No more employee queries with factoHR ESS portal

factoHR ESS portal helps an employee to view and update their information. It stores all the personal data of particular employee so that HR resources can contact easily. It allows to viewing payslips in multiple languages, view statutory deductions like a loan, income tax, PF, ESIC, Professional tax, etc.

It allows to view their attendance report through the login credentials and can send a request to admin if any punch is missing. An employee can apply leave application and can view leave approvals/rejections. The user can easily upload/update the documents in the system. Thus, to sum up it allows managing their personal details.

Be compliant ready and avoid penalty

factoHR Payroll Statutory Management System makes you compliant ready with the all of the statutory rules and regulations like PF, PT, ESI, TDS etc.With help of factoHR you can generate all the statutory returns and report with single click in the exact format desired by a government body and submitted them before the due date to avoid penalty. It also takes care of employee income tax allowance and deduction and generates Form-16B, Form17 and Form12B automatically.

statutory compliance

Painless payroll processing

factoHR Payroll Processing System helps to calculate employee’s earnings and deductions by integrating the modules like attendance, leave and performance management so that payroll can be processed without any manual intervention. All the post payroll activities like accounting and compliance can be accomplished with a single click.

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