Video Testimonials

Mr. Devanathan Raghavan – Chief Financial Officer of N Ranga Rao & Sons

” factoHR enables us to serve, track, and add value to our employees’ efficiency, which has resulted in a productivity increase of 40%. Now we are enhanced with attendance integration and connected banking for an easy payroll process and a user-friendly mobile app that has reduced the overall burden of our HR team. “

Dr. Adit Gupta – Director of MIER

” The best thing about FactoHR is their team, they exactly understood our requirement and made integrating a seamless process with our existing services.

Now, our employees love the mobile app that came with it. They can check their attendance, directly get their payslip on their phone, along with downloading compliance reports on the go! “

Fatema Merchant – HR of Mirraw Online Service

” Earlier, we used to process the payroll on manual basis making it a very time consuming task, and now we can process the payroll at just the hit of few buttons. We found factoHR very budget friendly and user friendly. With factoHR, our employees can see their data very transparently along with every approval following proper workflow. “

Pooja Dadhaniya – HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics

” factoHR is the first HR system we have adopted, for us one of the major time taking task was payroll of our 270 employees.

factoHR enabled us to collate all the data coming in from multiple streams and organize it at a single place. Earlier, the tasks which used to take 5-6 days is now achieved in 2-3 hours.

As an organization, we have always believed in strong foundation and FactoHR has helped us make them much stronger! “

Preeti Kaur – HR Head at Blue Beans

” After implementing factoHR, not just for me as an HR head it’s been useful but also for employees it’s been really useful as factoHR is very user-friendly and the fact that they can download their payslip on mobile, they can punch in and punch out from factoHR mobile app whether they go for events, or meetings. “

Sayantani Satpathi – Research & Institutional Partnerships Officer at BRLF

” We have incorporated factoHR, it has been a great help specially managing the leave policies, travel claims. Removing the manual part has helped us to have better ideas of how many holidays have been taken and to file the claims whenever we travel. So, I highly recommend factoHR to all the other organizations. “

Naitik Nirmal – IT Head – Pelican Rotoflex

” Earlier to FactoHR, we were using excel for the payroll of our 400 employees. Now, after configuring FactoHR with our bio-metrics it has helped us streamline the process completely and eliminate any chance of human error. “

Urvashi Jain – HR of Akshay Credit Co-operative Society

” We evaluated many HR solutions and found factoHR, it is very economical and has provided us great efficiency.

Payroll is now achieved in 3-4 hours with complete compliance on a single platform with a least waste of time and efforts. “

Bhargav – HR of Aarohi embedded

” We did not have any system to track our sales staff for client meetings, factoHR helped us overcome our problem and now we can exactly know the whereabouts of our employees through the Geo-tracking functionality of factoHR. “

Bipin Hadvani – Director of Gopal Snacks Pvt. Ltd.

” Due to the complex nature of our payroll policies and a large size of 1200 employee, It took us 15-20 days to process the complete payroll.

factoHR was flexible enough to accommodate all our needs and help us provide our employees the best experience that they deserve. “

S Ravichandran – Divisional Manager at Brakes India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Ramesh – Sundaram Clayton Ltd. (SCL)
Mr Jammbunathan R – Asst. Manager (Financial Account) at TubeInvestment
Mr. Alok Jain – Gannon Dunkerley & Co Ltd. (GDCL)
Sandesh Kumar – Finance & accounts head at L&T Construction

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