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Appreciation and Awards

Since last 17 years, we are working with a prime motive of helping organizations and employees to perform excellently, it is our gratification to receive these appreciations.

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Video Testimonial

Mr. Devanathan Raghavan – Chief Financial Officer of N Ranga Rao & Sons
Fatema Merchant – HR of Mirraw Online Service
Pooja Dadhaniya – HR Manager of Kelvin Plastics

Unmatched exclusive features

Geo fencing

Create a virtual boundary around any location and allow employee to punch within that virtual boundary

Face recognition

With a high-tech, face recognition system based on Artificial Intelligence, ensure that your employees are safe from contamination.

Open Ecosystems

Pre-Integrated with well known ERP and Accounting Systems. Off the shelf Rest API available


Answer all your employee FAQs and increase employee engagement

Extensive Features

In depth configuration. Supports 95% of business use cases.

Mobile First Solution

Next Generation mobile app that provides great employee experience.

Quick Implementation

Self Onboarding can be done in just 1day

Comprehensive Suite

All in One platform from Hire to Retire

Inbuilt Analytics

Dashboard & MIS for information and strategic decisions


Experience powerful analytics in visual formats on a dashboard that helps you quickly review actionable items and strategic planning.


Our plug-n-play integration framework supports 200+ biometric devices and other well-known ERPs for automatic attendance data sync.

  • Painless Payroll
  • Freedom to Choose

Mobile App

factoHR mobile app is native mobile app allows employee to download payslip, check leave balance, apply leave, request travel, book expense, submit incometax declaration etc. it also offers unique features like geo-fencing, geo-tracking, punch with selfie, attendance with face recognition and chatbot.


Employees can take part in surveys created by the HR team and share their feedback in real-time using factoHR’s mobile application.


With factoHR’s mobile app, employees can share their agreement or disagreement on acknowledgements of the essential newsletters, documents, etc., created by the HR team.

360 Degree Feedback

This gives a complete and holistic assessment of an employee’s performance from the clients, colleagues & managers, covering all aspects of performance unbiasedly.


Utilize factoHR’s chatbot feature to answer all your employee’s queries regarding the functionality of this app to promote hassle-free navigation.

Performance Linked Payroll

factoHR’s integrated environment enables the calculation of employees’ salaries based on the performance they have achieved, which can help in motivating them.

Next Gen Mobile App for Next Gen Workforce

Punch with selfie location

Allow employees to work from home, still maintaining attendance with accuracy.


Simplify HR tasks for employees with interactive ESS chatbot.

Investment declaration with regime selection

Allow employees to select regime and upload their investment proofs.

Document sharing

Share documents, policy, and many more with the employees on their device directly.

Employee self-services

Employees can download payslip, check and apply leave, travel requests, and book expenses directly from their mobile.

Support ticketing

An employee can raise their concern or query to HR and get responses from their mobile device.

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