Information Security Policy

We understand that our clients have chosen our products to manage their business operations. Upholding their trust is the foremost responsibility of each of our team members.

We leverage technology; business intelligence, regional expertise, as well as experience to provide integrity-based solutions that meet or exceed the stake holder expectations within dedicated timelines. Our services comply with applicable national and international guidelines maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of information.

Our commitment to our client is based on total understanding of their requirements. In pursuit of global standards, we believe in continuous up gradation of processes, which are finely tuned to ensure information security and are flexible to adapt to project requirements without compromising the information security controls.

Information Security Management System is a serious and intended effort and we are committed to identify, evaluate, and access the risk for all critical information assets with consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements, and prepare and follow the risk treatment plan and privacy impact assessment to meet the information security & privacy information management requirements. We are committed to implementing a dynamic Information Security & Privacy Information Management System with the aim of continual improvement.

We shall ensure business continuity and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity & availability of people, process, and technology for the business of our clients.

We shall continuously provide training and awareness, improve the Information Security Management System to reduce business risks and our entire management team is committed to provide all resources to protect customer information and safeguard information assets. We strive to keep our team members updated with the latest professional knowledge.