Gratuity Software

Replace your excel with FactoHR Gratuity Software to tackle complexity of gratuity with ease and accuracy.

benevolent fund trust for support members families

Actuary Valuation

With factoHR, you can get all the required data from the system for actuary valuation.

multiple scheme management and configuration

Membership Management

Using our comprehensive membership management, you can manage your member information and conduct transactions like transfer in/out, settlement application, etc.

Settlement Application/Payment/Covering Letter

Transfer-in Application/Receipt/Covering Letter

Transfer-out Application/Payment/Covering Letter

Simplify gratuity funds tracking with factoHR

Investment Management

Manage your trust’s investment with ease by managing all security types, investment evaluation, and mark to market valuation using factoHR investment management.

Investment Evaluation/Purchase

Mutual Fund/Equity Purchase

Interest Accrued

Investment Yield

Interest Summary

Investment Amortization

Investment Register

Investment Summary

Mutual Fund/Equity Management

Mark To Market Facility

Ease Of Accounting

factoHR enables you to streamline your accounting, automate JV posting, up-to-date reporting, etc., so you can overcome accounting challenges.

Bank Receipt/Payment

Bank Reconciliation


Investment Yield

Ledger Report

Voucher report

Trial balance

Revenue Account

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

Security And Monitoring

factoHR gives you complete control over your gratuity fund related activities and provides robust security measures to keep your data secure.

Audit Trail

Role /Rights

Maker/Checker And Approver Facility

Month/Year Locking facility

Custom Formula For Gratuity Payment

Reduce the need of spreadsheets and perform gratuity calculations by setting up multiple custom formulas according to IT, Company, and Gratuity Act.

Get In-depth Features For Better Fund Monitoring


RTGS/NEFT letter is the requested document required to be submitted to the bank for making online payments. You will be able to generate such letters for all types of online payments.

e-TDS Return

With the help of the e-TDS return feature, users can generate uploading files that can be directly used for FVU validation and submission.

User-defined Letter generation

With the help of this functionality, the user can generate covering letters for various transactions like settlement, transfer-in, transfer-out, loan disbursement, and pension claim as per his requirement.

SMS/Email Functionality

User-triggered as well as auto-triggered SMS/Email functionality is available for each and every member-related transaction.


You will get different reminders for the information that is critical and important in nature, like reminders for Interest due, maturity due, pending applications, bank reconciliation, uninvested balance, etc.

Import Bulk Transactions

Import bulk transactions will allow you to process various transactions through file upload, which will reduce your time in transaction processing.

Manage Multiple Retirement Benefits Solutions With factoHR At One Place

Leverage factoHR’s all-in-one employee benefits scheme management such as Provident Fund Software, Benevolent Fund Solution, and many more. Get various features to manage investments, fund calculation, accounting, etc., and reduce complex processes.

Streamline Gratuity Fund Management with factoHR today

Reduce all the manual processing and complex gratuity calculations with factoHR’s Gratuity Fund Trust Software and leverage various exclusive features.

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