General Provident Fund Software

factoHR’s general provident fund software assists the administrator in managing funds of their government employees with the availability of membership management, reminders, financial accounting, investment management, and reporting tools.
general pf trust software

What Comes In factoHR’s GPF Trust Software?

Investment calculation and storing are challenging when you handle it manually, but with factoHR, it’s not. Control all your employees’ shares for their retirement with the below-mentioned features provided in the factoHR’s solution.

General Provident Fund

  • Accounting

  • Reports

  • Loans & Withdrawals

  • Reminders

  • Import Bulk

  • Bonus Interest
features of general provident fund trust


  • Bank Transactions

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Inter-bank Entries

  • Journalization

  • Ledger Reports

  • Balance Sheet

Organize your General Provident Funds with factoHR today

Membership Management

  • Monthly Contribution

  • Loan Application

  • Settlement Application

  • Transfer Application & Annexure K

  • International Worker Checkpoints

  • Member’s PF Statement

Investment Management

  • Investment Evaluation

  • Mutual Fund/Equity

  • Accrued Interest

  • Auto-computed Yield

  • Investment Reports

  • Mark to Market Facility

Employee Self Service Portal

  • PF Balance & Statement

  • Loan Eligibility & Application

  • Settlement Application

  • Nomination Update


  • Pre-filled Forms

Comprehensive Features To Manage Your PF On The Go

General Provident Fund Trust Management Made Simple With factoHR

factoHR’s general provident fund software makes the employees’ benefit schemes for their retirement easy to manage from the automated solution with quick calculations and accounting. The solution also empowers employees with an employee self-service portal to access balance details and statements

Reduced Manual Input

factoHR’s automated solution allows you to manage all the investment-related activities online and reduce your burden in performing these tasks manually.

Simplified Interface

factoHR offers you a simple and interactive interface to understand and operate your fund management through an advanced online approach.

Real-time Reports

With factoHR, you can minimize your efforts made in gathering and storing data and save your time by generating real-time reports just in a single click.

Control your employees’ investments with factoHR today

Maintain your employee’s GPF membership and investments details factoHR’s general provident fund software and mobile app and go paperless in the whole process.
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