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Significance of HR’s Role in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an evergreen growing sector from the point of view of helping and saving lives, but the industry also struggles in manually managing employees, their rotating schedules, and other essential HR functions. As essential as it is for the sector to handle their customers, it is also essential for the management to implement a system that reduces the burden of repetitive HR tasks. factoHR understands this and thus caters to a solution wholly customized to the needs of the industry.

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Major Problems Faced by the Industry

To achieve the main aim, it is essential for the healthcare industry to fight the regular and repetitive hurdles arising while handling HR tasks. Here are the major problems faced by the sector.

Manual Shift Planning

In the healthcare industry, employees have constantly changing shifts. It was challenging for managers to regularly create and assign shifts. Also, for changing shifts, employees would always need to reach out to their managers. This process was often tiresome and time-consuming.

Unexpected Leaves by Employees

With completely manual HR operations, it was often troublesome for the superiors to manage excessive and unexpected leaves. This leads to dissatisfied services offered by the industrial unit.

Manual Travel and Expense Approval

Employees traveling different sites or visiting outstate often struggle to send their attendance data, expense claims, and proof attachments. Either it was using emails or posts. It was hard for managers to approve, reconcile data, and process the transactions on time.

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factoHR’s Prominent Solutions for the Industry

factoHR believes that every industry has its own set of problems faced by HR and brings a solution that is specially crafted with features fulfilling all the requirements of the industry. Listed below is how factoHR resolves the problems of the Healthcare Industry.

Online & Dynamic Shift Planning

factoHR allows managers of the healthcare industry to create shift rosters for days and weeks and assign them to their employees. Our mobile app also allows employees to request a shift change which then can be approved by their respective managers. All these changes are directly reflected in the salary processing for smooth and swift transactions.

Manpower Resource Planning Report

Managers can generate reports showing the number of total employees on leaves on a particular day. With a manpower planning report, the managers can properly reschedule the tasks within available employees. The report also shows if any employees have taken unexpected leave.

Smooth Expense Management

factoHR’s mobile application and ESS portal allows your workers to mark their attendance from a remote location, request travel advance and claims, and upload proof attachments. Similarly, factoHR also enables managers to approve/reject the requests. This gives a better option for the healthcare industry to save time and streamline their tasks.

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