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HR Operations in Retail Industry

The Retail Industry is growing very swiftly, especially after the COVID times. While they work on serving and supporting their customers, the industry also faces HR challenges every day. It was cumbersome and time-consuming for HR and managers to manage payroll processing, manpower resource planning, creating customized schedules for the employees, etc. factoHR understands and learns the requirements of the industry and customizes the product features accordingly.

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Major HR Challenges of the Industry

To keep on generating leads and retain their customers, it was essential for the retail industry to reduce the burden and time consumption of HR tasks on their workforce. Listed below are the most prominent challenges the sector faced in the role of HR.

Unplanned/unexpected absence of the employees

The industry used to handle/store employees’ leaves manually in papers or spreadsheets, and so it was challenging for managers to control any unexpected leaves taken by employees. It was tiresome and time-consuming to plan the tasks with fewer workers present.

Manage Attendance Manually

The employees working under different departments in any retail company have different salary and attendance cycles. These also change with different categories, grades, and shifts of all the employees. Due to this, HR and even managers had to give a considerable amount of time maintaining employees’ attendance due to varied cycles and working hours.

Monitoring Employees’ Presence

Employees often travel off-site or visit different office locations. It was difficult for employees to mark their attendance and even for the managers to monitor if those employees are actually present. Employees needed to share their attendance data through courier or emails, which was again time-consuming and cumbersome.

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factoHR’s Dynamic Solutions for the Industry

factoHR offers a solution to the industry to reduce all the burden of their repetitive tasks and helps your workforce to serve an excellent customer experience. Here’s how factoHR’s features help the Retail Industry.

Department-wise Workforce Planning

With factoHR, managers can generate workforce resource planning reports showing the lack of required workers in the department for a particular day. This saves time and helps in planning and distributing the work to the present workforce as soon as possible.

Automated Time & Attendance

factoHR’s simplified solution allows you to configure a flexible attendance policy for your workforce, considering different categories, grades, and working hours of the employees based on different departments. It is now effortless and time-saving to complete the monthly salary processing with our seamlessly integrated modules.

Mobile-driven Geo-fence

With the mobile-driven Geo-fencing feature of factoHR, you can allow employees to mark their attendance only within an assigned boundary around a location, and all the data will be directly saved on the centralized server. This also helps HR to track their locations keeping the whole process authenticated.

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